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Fannish to-do list, 17 Aug- Sep 1 inclusive
SSar's Beast
-Structural beta of fic #1 for Crossovering - DONE
-General beta of fic #2 for Crossovering - DONE
-Structural beta of fic #1 for Exchange at Fic Corner - DONE
-General (harsh) beta of fic #2 for Exchange at Fic Corner - DONE
-Thorough edit & expansion of White Dwarf Rabbit Hole assignment - half-DONE
-Treat #1 for WDRH (has plot + first 300 words) - DONE
-Treat #2 for WDRH (only a concept atm) - NOPE, ran out of time
-Edit my friend's text for a puzzle - NOPE, miscommunication as to due date, but all good
-Assignment for Exchange at Fic Corner (done canon review, have a plot, just need to make words happen)
-Assignment for Crossovering (done partial canon review, clinging on to ambitious plot with tooth and nails) - y/n? Shelved ambitious idea, but I did complete a fic.
-Treat for Crossovering (this is even more ambitious, oops) - NOPE, too ambitious for the time available, shelved
-Final revisions to Between Blue and Gray

-ETA: pinch hit for a further exchange (draft) - DONE
-ETA: beta draft #2 of the fic I harsh-reviewed earlier
-ETA: beta another fic
-ETA: beta another fic

And generally
-comment more
-comment on Jukebox, do a nice big commenting binge SOON - DONE, up to 37/62 fics
-Yuletide prep! - DONE some, ONGOING

ETA: NO OPEN AO3 ASSIGNMENTS, omg, first time since February!

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You are a powerhouse, as usual! I don't know how you do it, but you're awesome. I checked and there seems to be no consensus for a Beta Appreciation Day (alas), or Person Who Always Writes Ambitious Treats For Exchanges Day, and I feel this should be remedied somehow.

Haha, I never know how you do all the things you do either. And if there were a Person Who Writes Treats for Exchanges Day, you'd need a prize for that Rue/Prim fic :D

[sometimes I think it would be nice to have a beta club, but it would probably get contentious.]

*waves pompoms in your direction*

Thanks! Much appreciated. As you see, I'm making some progress....

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