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Cross me! (Dear Writer Letter for Crossovering)
SSar's Beast
EDIT: I just realised I linked this letter in my Yuletide sign-up instead of my actual letter. Actual letter is presently locked. Really sorry, writer! Please check my 'dear writer' tag in the next 24 hours.

Thank you for reading, writer or potential writer!

(This is my letter for the Crossovering exchange.)

Letter: now as edited as it is going to be.

Okay, first thing: I am not as organised this year as I was last year, and I doubt my requests cover everything I would be interested in reading. So, if you have an idea for a crossover I have not specifically requested, involving canons nominated for this exchange, feel free to ask me (through the mods - crossoveringmods@gmail.com) if I'd like to have that instead. My prompts below are also just suggestions - don't feel bound by them.

I like both crossovers and fusions. I like crack, and serious fic, and crack taken seriously. One type of crossover I'm very fond of involves key concepts from two different worlds combined to make something that isn't really either - showing how one system could turn into another, or how one world would be radically different with a core assumption from another world/social system/ magic system/ etc. I love original characters and worldbulding.

I love loyalty, morally ambiguous characters, and people who justify their decisions to themselves in all kinds of ways. I love competence and humour, including black humour. I love identity porn & epistolary fic.

I dislike reading stories that focus on memory loss*, even temporary, or substance/drug abuse. I find graphic description of harm to hands disturbing to read. Please avoid those things.

*memory loss as canonical in Dollhouse is okay!

Pocket Monsters | Pokemon (Main Video Game Series)
Dragonriders of Pern - Anne McCaffrey
Chronicles of Narnia - C. S. Lewis

Request on AO3: This is a collection of canons I love in which humans and animals have unusual relationships: consider that a starting point. Or don't, if you choose.

What if there are a community of dragon Pokémon trainers who treat their dragons as equal partners? What if the Pokémon world and Pern are planets that were colonised around the same time (or if Pern was colonised by Pokémon trainers)? Or, what if the new humans on Pern didn't stop at dragons when turning animals to their own purposes? Would Susan of Narnia be a good queen rider? Or, are there Harpers in Narnia? Narnia has lands in which Talking Animals are treated cruelly by those who don't follow Aslan - could a Pokémon-like situation evolve?

Most of these are serious-ish crossover prompts, but I also welcome fusions or crack crossovers.

More: My favourite Narnian characters are the four Pevensies, Eustace, Jill, Reepicheep, Jadis, and Tirian. I'm only familiar with Pokémon up through the Ruby and Sapphire games, Johto anime, and about the fifth movie - sorry! I am happy to read about your favourite Pokémon character but may need a small set of notes on them if they're from later in the canons. My favourite bits of Pern canon are the Second and Sixth Passes (Red Star Rising and Moreta's Ride eras). I find a lot of Ninth Pass characters fascinating, but I often don't like them as people, so moral ambiguity might be the way to go there.

Kinks are welcome. However, for these canons particularly, I'd prefer participants to be of physical and/or mental age. (The age of consent in my country is 16, so that's what I consider of age. For sentient animals, some kind of equivalent is fine.)

Black Jewels - Anne Bishop
Person of Interest (TV)
Kingsman: The Secret Service (2015)

Request on AO3: The common themes within these canons are: loyalty, people of unusual resources and abilities, and people saving the world. Maybe start with: heroes and villains and people with unusual responsibilities to those around them. Or: found families. Or: a serious deconstruction of any of these worlds.

Maybe Harold and Reese have encountered a Kingsman agent dispatched to New York?

A Black Jewels fusion is always welcome, but what about Black Jewels powers (milder if you like) in our world?

I am very sorry to say that I will probably only have finished season 2 of Person of Interest by the time assignments appear. I hope that is not too annoying. I'll update this letter with my progress.

More: I ship pretty much everyone in Kingsman, and can be convinced on any ships in Person of Interest. For Black Jewels I usually concentrate on the minor characters but for a crossover I'd be interested in pretty much anyone. Favourites include Wilhelmina, Karla, the Queens of Jaenelle's First Circle, Sylvia, Lord Magstrom. I'm happy for you to either take the canons completely seriously or deconstruct them in some way.

Shoujo Kakumei Utena | Revolutionary Girl Utena
Push (2009)
Fairy Tales & Related Fandoms

Request on AO3: Requesting Dollhouse and Push worked out well for me last year. :D I'm only not requesting Agents of SHIELD again because I have not seen the second season. Anyway: I like the complicated moralities possible in all of these canons. Wishes and their darker consequences. Power and responsibility.

Add even more explicit fairytale elements to Utena, or show how Dollhouse technology could have enabled the Black Rose arc (bringing out people's dark desires / replacing them with a different version of themselves). Make a fairy tale a unifying theme or plot in a story about Dollhouse - or give me actual witches/wizards/princesses in that universe/with those characters. Ditto Push. Conflicts between Division and Rossum would be a lot of fun. Or, Utena/Push - what if Ohtori were actually a school for psychics - even if they didn't realise it? Anthy and Akio would make frightening sense as pushers.

More: Hm. Other possibilities... the early days of Division would be interesting to explore, and I'm particularly interested in Emily, Hook, and Kira's mother. Of Dollhouse, I'm fondest of Whiskey and Adelle, Sierra and Victor. What if someone from Division hires a Doll to see if their Pushers can affect the Doll's mind in the same way as a normal person's? I know I'm concentrating on the Push talent particularly in these requests, but a fairytale-esque story about a Sniffer could also be fascinating, or a Shadow.

Shoujo Kakumei Utena | Revolutionary Girl Utena
Kingsman: The Secret Service (2015)
Dragonriders of Pern - Anne McCaffrey
Push (2009)

Request on AO3: This is kind of a crack set and kind of isn't. IDEK.

Utena/Kingsman: have fun deconstructing princes and knights! Or make a bunch of Utena characters a new set of recruits. Or send Eggsy to Ohtori.

Kingsman + Dragonriders of Pern begs for a fusion, but. BUT. What if when you become a Kingsman, you also gain the power to summon a dragon familiar (invisible or not) in the modern world?

Pern/Push: well, there are already psychic powers on Pern. Lessa. What about more? Or: Pern colonisers infiltrated by Division psychics. Or: Division psychics against a Thread-like threat on our world?

Utena/Push: Ohtori is secretly a school for psychics, or run by pushers? Or: in order to train Division psychics, if they get them young enough, they are run through an incredibly manipulative schooling program to inculcate weird ideas about loyalty and heroism?

Kingsman/Push: here I imagine more of a crossover where characters from both canons encounter each other, but I welcome other ideas.

Pern/Utena: I feel as though the strong personalities in either canon could lend themselves well to a fusion. But if you manage a crossover instead, I'd be pretty impressed.

More: Okay, sorry, I can't think of many other prompts for these combinations. But, hm. What happens to failed Kingsman candidates? What's it like to work for Division as a non-psychic? What other psychics exist in the world? ADD DRAGONS TO THINGS.

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I'm glad you signed up again this year!

Thanks! I wouldn't miss it - last year was great! But for some reason I've had so much trouble with my requests this year.

Last year, I had two groups of 5 fandoms where I could at least name a theme. This year I don't, really. Just a lot of canons I love where I'm not entirely sure how they should fit together.

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