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SSar's Beast
In the last 24 hours there were more cat shenanigans and also I got invited to an IRL writers group, which I have Feelings about, but for now it seems important to mention that:

-Crossovering nominations are ending soon. Here is the community, and here is the tag set. Crossovering is a crossovers-focused fanfic exchange. I loved taking part in Crossovering last year. The writing assignment I received was both generous and open, and a stretch for what I felt I could write. You nominate fandoms you hope to see represented - they may not be - acceptance depends on more than one vote for each. That favours larger fandoms, but even as a small-fandoms person, I loved it. The mods were also very diligent about getting my pinch hit covered, when I was the last person in the exchange without a fic, and I loved the treats I received in the end.

-Exchange at Fic Corner nominations have ended and sign-ups will begin after the weekend's over. The tag set is here. Exchange at Fic Corner is a fanfic exchange for children's and Young Adult canons. I enjoyed it in both years it ran - in 2013, I got a heroically dedicated pinch hit, and in 2014 my assigned writer was kind enough to write me a main fic AND a treat. There ought to be something you recognise here. Consider participating.

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