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Oodelally, oodelally, golly, what a day
SSar's Beast
First: the Jukebox collection is open, and I encourage those of a readerly curiosity to check it out. There are also some artworks, a podfic, and a piece of interactive fiction! The collection contains responses to songs, mainly fiction, with a full playlist of the songs at or

There are works concerning mermaids and fairies, dystopias and apocalypses, travelling bands and bards, ghosts and derby teams.

Whew, tired. Just finished baking a batch of mini-muffins I'm not very sure of - it's been a while since I made mini-muffins. The problem may be that I put too many spices in things. I take a bite of one mini-muffin and cumin seeds wallop me on the nose. Oops. Similar with the black pepper in the basil-spinach-feta mini-muffins. Meh. I'll have some for breakfast in the morning. If still unimpressed, will buy a nice type of cheese on the way to work. It's not as if we'll be low on food for our morning tea (to celebrate a workmate getting married).

Today also contained: taking the cat to the vet to have a broken tooth extracted. She was very good about it. She escaped in the driveway and then, instead of bolting up the hill, went a dignified metre or two away and complained at me. Then suffered to be stuffed back in her carrier.

It further contained: fencing with the very slack property manager. Or, our property manager's boss. Property manager's boss: "How come you haven't been answering T's communications?" Me: "It's funny you should say that..." Property manager's boss promised, with property manager in the room with him, that we would receive a notice of flat inspection today. Unamazingly, we have not.

To sleep, and then, tomorrow, to reveal Jukebox creators' names. I wish I'd managed to comment on even a third of works by now, but alas. I shall catch up.

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Ah yes, the guilt of the mod who does not comment on exchange participants' fic /hides in shame

Well, no one can comment on everything immediately, right?

Last year it took me a couple of months to write a comment on every Jukebox fic, and the last few felt quite hard, because I felt they had to be Really Good Comments. But I got there. I'll get there this year too. Then I might go back and leave comments on the stories I didn't comment on in 2013, because they'll be fresh to me now.

And, well, it's not like we promised people we'd comment on everything. It just helps.

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