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SSar's Beast
After a warm summer and an unusually mild autumn, the weather's come down on us. A lot of rain earlier this week and a frightening amount of rain today - at least in the northern suburbs, along the Kapiti Coast, and the Hutt Valley - mean that the highways in and out of the capital city have been intermittently closed, the railway lines are quite definitely closed [most underpasses to stations are awash!], many people's homes have been flooded, and transport is, overall, chaotic.

The office emptied gradually today as various people, concerned for their circumstances, left early. Some may not be able to return tomorrow.

A friend who can't get back to her home tonight will show up here soon. We have a spare room, though it's J's study most of the time.

And there sure is a downside to Wellington's few degrees of separation. Hopefully it is one of few deaths, but I have learned that a colleague's colleague's father died when he was washed away in floods today.'s liveblog

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Wilton Rd outside our house was bumper to bumper and crawling (or stationary) from around 3.30 to 6.30. I went out with a cup of coffee for the bus driver who was hanging out at the stop and he said it had taken him three hours from Grant Rd, and four hours trip total to get there. He wasn't planning on going anywhere anytime soon, he said. I hope he made it home OK.

That was really nice of you! And what a good idea.

I hope everyone who was stranded yesterday is home now, or at least somewhere a bit more permanent.

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