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(no subject)
SSar's Beast
Went to Jason Webley's show last night! Unfortunately, I was overcome by a gastrointestinal bug and had to leave very, very early, but it was still good fun.

He starting singing a song at the request of the crowd, and then went, "look, this isn't happening, I can't hit that note, THIS WILL END IN DISASTER."

Me: "Map?"

Him - to my delight: "Yeah, okay."

And then he played the song I had as my Jukebox 2013 assignment. I was ridiculously pleased.

The opening band, a local group called the "Klaus Quartet", I think, played Britney Spears' "Toxic" as their closing number (on accordion, two ukeleles, and a bass guitar) which also pleased me very much.

Now let's see if I can tolerate eating a cracker. Signs point to no. :(

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We adore Jason Webley!! My daughter plays the accordion!

Too bad you're under the weather. *clear liquids*

Thank you! And that's great - it was definitely a good evening for accordion.

Yes, I'm drinking large amounts of ginger tea.

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