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The northern hemisphere has Greensleeves, we just have green leaves...
SSar's Beast

Join the crowd and praise our folly,
Falalalala, lalalala.
Sugarcoat your melancholy,
Falalalala, lalalala
Smile on greed with meat and barrel,
Falalalala, lalalala!
Then shriek out a pointless carol,
Falalalala, lalalala...

I love my five minute doggerel. I'd be dangerous with a rhyming dictionary, yes I would. Speaking of which, Mum's just bought one. For herself, not me. Scary? I think so.

Ah, but who am I kidding. I've put on "dancy music" and have been gambolling around the house (my kind of dancing is a combination of stylised pacing and coltish prancing around) until landing painfully on my left foot, whimpering, and deciding that a better celebratory activity would be to practice my decorative knotting.

Oh yes, or clean up my room.

Dad: "Do you think you could clean up your room after you've finished with this?"
SSar: "Hmmm!" (small happy noise)
Dad: "Is that a yes?"
SSar: "It's a 'what-a-good-idea'."
Dad: "But is it a yes?"
SSar: "It's a 'what-a-good-idea'... okay, okay, it's a 'well, I'll start and see what happens'."

This is a very trivial post. Love you all!


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