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in which February is good to me
SSar's Beast
I had such a great week last week! To anyone having a crappy or mediocre or... any kind of week, I hope you have a week like this in your near future.

1. While waiting in line for a coffee (free, because my friend Winter had a voucher they couldn't use), I checked my phone and discovered that [archiveofourown.org profile] originally had uploaded a podfic of my story The One-Way Door, written for Liviania's prompt in the Trick-or-Treat exchange & beta'd by AdaptationDecay. This story is based on the fairy tale of Bluebeard, so I recommend it generally.

I consider it a huge compliment to have a story podficced. I don't seek out podfics on my own, but I have now listened to & enjoyed this one several times.

2. [tumblr.com profile] mizozoh created a comic!!!!! based on the main scene in my short Kingsman fic All the Way Down.

I was already rolling around in the sheer ecstatic glee of being in an active fandom and, um, writing a popular-draw slash pairing, but WOW. And it's so pretty! I love Harry's face in the third line/fourth panel [?? terminology] so much.

3. Various other nice things have happened. I was shortlisted for the job, I had a test, I had another test, they've called my references, I really think this might be happening. Or, if it doesn't happen, I will believe I was at least down to one of four candidates, max. But if it does happen? On paper, this is a perfect job for me. Dear universe, please. And one of the other Kingsman writers who's dashed off a great quantity of lovely tropy stuff replied to my praise to say that my earlier fic had inspired them. Aw.

4. also two of my friends got married and also I saw Jupiter Ascending? yeah. GOOD WEEK.

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Great job on your Bluebeard re-telling! Nicely poetic and you really got a tremendous amount of story implied in an economic fashion!

Thank you very much! I feel as though fairy tales are very generous in the amount of story they allow you to leave out. Something of a bridge between fanfiction and pro fiction, allowing you to draw on shared expectations but perhaps with more awareness of the remix aspects.

Yay! It's always good to have a run of wins.

Indeed! Thanks! Here's to a good week this week, too.

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