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Once Upon a Fic Letter
SSar's Beast
The Once Upon a Fic exchange still has sign-ups open for a couple more days (here it is on DW, LJ, and AO3).

Dear writer, if you already have an idea for one of the fandoms I've requested, GO FOR IT. I've listed some prompts, but do not abide by them if you don't want to. Please do abide by my Do-Not-Wants: I would like you to avoid graphic harm to hands and stories about people being strongly affected by or addicted to intoxicants & similar drugs. I would also appreciate it if you didn't put any amnesia in a story that doesn't have it in the source.

Alternate universes of all kinds are welcome.

Tsarevitch Ivan and the Fire Bird and the Gray Wolf (Fairy Tale)
Characters: Any
Source: http://www.surlalunefairytales.com/firebird/index.html

One of the things I am most interested in, for this story, is the weird chain of favours. So Ivan shows up at a new Tsardom, tries to steal something, gets caught... and then the Tsar says to him, "Ivan. Dude. You're a prince. You could have just asked. But I'll forgive you if you go steal this other thing." WTH? What kind of morality is this? It just doesn't add up to me. Does each Tsar just hate the next one in the chain? It also didn't seem right to me that Ivan gets everything/one at the end, even if he put forth the effort to go... steal it.

So: I'd love it if you played with that. I'd love it if you told a part of this story from anyone else's perspective, because in its current form, this is a crazy over-the-top example of protagonist-centred morality, and I want to know what the story looks like if you're not Ivan. I'm interested in the princess's perspective (she definitely does not have to end up with Ivan!) and why the wolf is so patient and cunning. What does he get out of this? Ivan? :P

I'd also love to know more about the magnificent Firebird. Is it one of a kind? If not, where are the others?

As for AUs, I feel that a mafia or noir AU would go great here. All of these shady deals!

The Necklace of Princess Fiorimonde - Mary de Morgan
Characters: Any
Source: http://www.gutenberg.org/files/38976/38976-h/38976-h.htm

I have lots of questions! So, how did Princess Fiorimonde turn to the black arts? What other terrible things did she do? (Horror welcome.) And how did she think she'd get away with vanishing all those suitors? Was Yolande really the only one who suspected?

Also: what was it like to be a bead on a string for however many years? When the princes and kings were transformed back, how did they feel? (Stockholmed?) What did they do? They were gone from their kingdoms for years and years - what happened to their kingdoms? Going home would have to be pretty awkward. One story idea I'd be interested in is: a random band of Fiorimonde's suitors, homeless but regal, travelling around doing good (or other) deeds and trying to rediscover their place in the world.

I love that Fiorimonde is both princess and witch, so if you want to write a story from her perspective or justifying her actions, that would be fine. I also like it that it's the faithful servants who get a happy ever after - not their masters and mistresses. More about Yolande and Gervaise would be neat too. Has Gervaise had to get his master out of many scraps before?

Or: THAT NECKLACE. Put it in another story! Tell me more about what happened to it later! Make it the magical mcguffin a hundred years later & a thousand leagues away! (I like beads and the descriptions of the beads were lovely.) Or maybe Yolande and Gervaise aren't quite so done with the necklace as they thought they were...

The Emperor's New Clothes
Characters: Any
Source: http://www.gutenberg.org/files/1597/1597-h/1597-h.htm#link2H_4_0001

One thing that strikes me about this story is that each of these wise ministers, and even the emperor, believed the weavers over themselves. Instead of looking at the loom and thinking, "This is a load of bull," they each thought, "I am unworthy." So maybe they were a bunch of idiots, but I have a lot of compassion for them, and so might anyone who's ever experienced imposter syndrome.

So what was it really like to work in the highest levels of that empire? Were they all incompetent (the Emperor, being more fond of clothing than of ruling, is surely implied to be) or did things sort of muddle along? And what did they all do and say to each other after the procession? This is a story about shame, but I'd love some kind of redemptive arc. And possibly revenge on the weavers.

Very welcome here: a crack AU about addressing problems with organisational culture.

Or, to step even further away from the story: this is a fairy tale with no magic. Why not add some? What if this empire is ruled over by a line of magicians, and you only get to be emperor if you're able to spin perfect illusions, so that a Royal Test is to go out in the streets completely naked and convince everyone you're wearing a beautiful royal gown? Or maybe the parading emperor is an imposter, and gets set up to fail by the real emperor who's cleverer than they thought.

Or: go kinky. Some kind of (consensual, preferably) exhibitionism would also be amazing.

Characters: Any
Source: http://www.gutenberg.org/files/2591/2591-h/2591-h.htm#link2H_4_0017

Here, I'm interested in two main ideas. The first is fractured families. What did Rapunzel's parents think, after giving her up? (Does Rapunzel have siblings out there?) Did the enchantress think of Rapunzel as truly her daughter? Or explore how the prince and Rapunzel felt when they met up again. Maybe it was wonderful, for the prince, to discover he had children, but it must have been a shock, too. (And what about the prince's family, while he was wandering the wilderness? Did they assume he was just off on princely quests, or did they miss him?)

The second is a series of what-ifs. So Rapunzel has extraordinary gifts. She has amazing hair, an amazing voice, and tears that can heal. What if all of those qualities were imparted by the rampion? What if the enchantress took Rapunzel away from her parents not because she just wanted to steal a baby, but because Rapunzel was going to need special care in childhood due to the effects of that rampion? Rapunzel: Superhero Origin Story?

In case you think I'm just ripping off Tangled, um, let's just say I have an unpublished Pokémon WIP sitting in my documents in which a baby is fed a Bulbasaur seed and the local Pokémon professor takes her into custody & raises her, and this girl has two Bulbasaur-style prehensile vines as well as hair... This WIP is over a decade old and will never come to anything but a few lines in my documents folder, except, apparently, when I use it to inform fairy-tale prompts.

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