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(no subject)
SSar's Beast

1. If anyone on my friends list or reading circle wants to ask me for beta feedback at any time, please do. It may happen that I am too busy to take on a project when you ask. (Right now I have a couple of stories in the queue, so it is not a good time.) I may tell you that your fic as described is outside my comfort zone /not a style of writing I feel I can help with. But feel free to ask. I get kind of itchy when I don't have anything to give concrit on. I am best at detailed edits, line by line, though I am happy to go hands-off or hands-on depending on what you prefer. I am only so-so at helping brainstorm an idea that hasn't taken shape yet.

2. This is a fun meme I have seen posted by naraht & sineala: When you see this, share 3 lines from each of 3 WIPs.

a. "There's always someone out there bigger and scarier than you, sugar," she said. Blood society, as she saw it, worked on the principle that there was always someone — somewhere — watching the watcher, ready to call the powerful to account.

Even if it happened to be thousands of years before the reckoning were made.

-WIP o'Doom, but it's encouraging to see that there are lines I like in the messy unposted part.

b. A* learned that it was rude in lizard culture to talk to any individual alone; when she tried, a crew member would either ignore her, or duck away, or strike up a kind of duet on whatever gadget was nearest by causing it to issue sounds or information. Showing how a machine ‘communicated’ that it was in perfect order, or that it was in need of tuning, was an acceptable way for Werig to talk to A* without Modsef or Hwaerk present - for then Werig was speaking as Werig-and-Sitha; Werig and the ship.

-A's name is kind of a spoiler here. This is me having fun with worldbuilding, although I admit I haven't stress-tested the idea above to its full "But what would happen if...?" potential. Lizard culture is very, very group-focused. Talking one-on-one is taboo or denotes intimacy. I realise that's only two lines up there, but they're long ones.

c. The skinny guy with royal blue hoodie asked about how the lab could be segmented for variable light cycles. Jemma nodded absently. From what she'd read of Dr Gennett's saline flora and Comeskey's long-term study of rare earth absorption in Solanaceae, it was a valid question, but they were unlikely to be approved for atypical circadian rhythms in the main bay at least this year.

-And there you see why that particular WIP crashed and burned *pokes ashes hopefully* - it required me to make up a lot of fake science. Maybe someday, though. Jemma Simmons + Maya Hansen research friendship! Female science mentors! Kinda identity porn but not! Okay, now I'm making myself sad.

3. Rosencrantz is shortly to open nominations for a new exchange, Once Upon a Fic:

I will be helping out with some exchange admin. (Don't give me that look. I promised this last year.)

Less fandom-related:

4. PŌHUTUKAWA. We had a couple of weeks here where they were ALL BLOOMING AT ONCE and COMPLETELY AMAZING. I assure you, capital letters are justified. I am lazy, so I will not give you any images, but I urge you to google "pohutukawa" and see what you see. Gorgeous twiny-trunked trees with blazing red blooms. They're made up of stamens, not petals, and if you look closely at a blossom, you'll see that every stamen has a dot of gold at its end. Then the stamens fall, and there are crimson carpets on the sidewalk, and every grass verge is red-fringed. My Dreamwidth icon is now a pōhutukawa blossom.

5. My friend is holding a Shakespeare read-through tonight: As You Like It this time. The Tempest was a lot of fun, so I am looking forward to this evening! I have no idea what part I'll get - that's assigned when we turn up.

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Aw, I'm going to keep that #1 in mind! I actually have something I've been poking at that will want other eyes at some point but which isn't in any of my main fandoms. I may hit you up eventually. (And it is so sweet of you to offer.)

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