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January Talking Meme
SSar's Beast
Dear friends and readers,

I didn't want to do a talking meme in December because any blog-writing time was unashamedly put towards Yuletide time. But I sure could stand to blog more.

So: if you feel inclined, please suggest a topic you'd like me to talk about, and, if you want, a day or a period in January during which it would be most convenient for you to read my response. I'm going to cap it at 20, er, should that be necessary, because posting every day is not a realistic goal for me at this time.

Topics I would already be looking for excuses to write about: Interstellar, fandom, writing processes in general, cooking/recipes. And I owe seekingferret Thinky Thoughts On Inglourious Basterds, so let's schedule that towards the end of the month.

PS: thank you for the snickerdoodle recipe, osprey_archer, it looked lovely.

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Sure - and I think I'll ask you the first one back, if that's all right!

Sure. I'll add it to my January docket. :scribbles it on to write list:

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