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Morbane on December 24
Yuletide, festive
Morbane sitting at makeshift writing desk, by window, with Christmas tree and leaping cat

As soon as Joel appeared to take a picture, Ria abandoned her dignified perch on the window edge and launched herself towards him to be petted. Well, cat.

See: laptop, TEA, Christmas tree, concealed franticness.

I hope everyone else is having a satisfying end to their December.

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!~!~!~Merry Christmas~!~!~!

And here's to a wonderful 2015!

To you too!

A joyful and inspiring year to you and all those you hold dear.

I'm probably not going to get to any other treats because of work, so ALLLL THE YULETIDE VIBES TO YOU <333333

I will put them to use! (That person you're editing for does not know how lucky they are.) I hope you and T have a few days off together soon!

Merry Christmas! (Maybe since I am posting this in advance it may hit you when it is actually Christmas in your part of the world! I can hope)

What a dignified kitty :)

I am still frantically editing and trying to maybe? put together a treat. AAAA

Still December 24th here, but it *feels* very Christmassy. To this slightly-confused agnostic. *looks hopefully at Christmas tree*

Merry Christmas to you!

and also AAAAA I have to finish my friend's 10k+ beta and I am strongly deluding myself I have time to write 2.5 more treats.

That is an insane looking cat.

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to you!

She's only leaping... I hope the image is amusing, though.

Look, a real live Morbane! I can go on forever defending my internet friendships being as real as any others, and yet I am always surprised to discover that they are real people.

And CAT. :D

She is definitely being a cat in capital letters there. (As I type, she is drinking the water out of the base of the Christmas tree. I'd be worried about her chewing the leaves, but the water doesn't seem to be doing her any harm.)

I had a similar sort of odd reconciling moment when meeting an "internet friend" offline in New York. Did that change our friendship? Not really. But in precisely what way was it significant? etc.

KITTY! Heee.

Happy Christmas, happy New Year happy 2015. :D

Thank you! Happy New year to you too!!

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