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(no subject)
SSar's Beast
Posting. Yes. In that cycle again where I'm planning to make a post but the plan gets bigger and bigger and then I get home and it's late and I think about starting a post at 10pm at night and NOPE.

So, instead: NaNo went fizzle-ish and I only wrote two Yuletide treats and the start of my assignment. Now I've written a bit more of my assignment and a bit of another treat.

Right now, the thing that deserves a post is that I am sitting in the University hub with my laptop. In front of me is my keep-cup, which holds the dregs of a delicious flat white with cinnamon. Behind me is a very very tall Christmas tree, which VUW only put up a few days ago.

It smells so good. I am seriously tempted to abandon my normal-looking perch at a workstation and just crawl under the tree and breathe a lot.


It is such a lovely moment to be in. I wish I could share it with you all in a more visceral way.

I will probably not put one up in my own house until I'm back from Auckland (10-14 Dec. There will be a write-in!)

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That tree sounds amazing. Did you end up crawling under it even a little bit?

No.... but I haven't left work yet...

I might come back on Sunday when there are fewer people around and write under it.

(And there are two of them!)

So jealous of the giant tree! I hope you enjoy it.

Oh how I know that approach to posting so well.

The tree sounds very lovely. As does the cinnamonomy drink.

I'm glad you're enjoying. Yay!

Thank you!

How is the new job going?

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