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Come do Yuletide!
SSar's Beast
I am possibly preaching to the choir here, given the make-up of my friends' list nowadays. However. Just in case you're interested... Let me tell you about Yuletide.

What is Yuletide?

Yuletide is a fanfiction writing challenge and a gift exchange. It runs on the theme of rare fandoms. You participate by:

  • Signing up. In your sign-up, you can ask for several fandoms and characters that you would like a story for. You will also offer several fandoms and characters that you would be willing to write about. All the fandoms and characters must come from this year's tag set, which has been created from particants' votes earlier in the process.

  • Writing your assignment! Around Oct 29-Nov 1, you will get an assignment based on the things you offered. You must write about one fandom and one set of characters your recipient asked for. They may also have given you prompts. It's nice to use these if you can, but you're not bound by them. However, if your recipient tells you that certain topics upset/squick/trigger them, please avoid those topics.

  • Occasionally checking the Yuletide administrative LiveJournal community for announcements.

  • Submitting your assignment to the Archive of our Own by Saturday 20 December, 6pm, UTC.

  • Reading the gift you have received, and thanking your author.

Everything else is optional, but there are so many options! Writing letters! Talking excitedly with other people who love that obscure children's book or that 70s TV show or that song. Beta-ing fanfics for others, and getting con-crit on your own work! (There are a lot of good betas who volunteer for Yuletide. Lots, like me, who think beta-ing is the best fun ever.) When the archive opens, there will be a lot of amazing writing to roll around in. I have also found the community welcoming, supportive, passionate, and active. You need something spreadsheeted, they'll do it. I seriously believe that if the mods said, "We have a problem, and the only way Yuletide will run this year is if you all go to a beach and count the individual grains of sand," then, within an hour, there'd be a spreadsheet.

I love this writing challenge. I love seeing other people express their love for thousands of pieces of media through the prompts they write. I love connecting with other people who feel the same way about a book or similar thing that I do. I love seeing the differences, too. I love editing people's fics and helping them realise their wonderful ideas; I love writing and figuring out an answer to someone's What ifs. I love that even though I am not into any big fandoms, I can connect with people through this project. I love that I am part of a community of over 2,000 people who are keen on various parts of this.

Uh, yeah, so if you are even vaguely interested, shoot me a question! I'm happy to answer.

[We're off to a party on Saturday. Joel threatened to announce me with, "This is Sara. She's here to tell you about Jesus - I mean Yuletide." I was not amused. Okay, maybe a little amused.]

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I think the weirdest part is how anxiety-ridden I get over my Dear Yuletide Writer letter. People are just so ... opinionated about them! o_O


There are still way, way more ways to do them right than to do them wrong. And you don't have to do one at all if you don't want to. I see them as being for talking happily about the things you most love about your fandoms. That's the main part.

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