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Dear Yuletide Writer 2014
Yuletide, festive
Thank you for reading!

I'm Morbane on the Archive of Our Own as well. This year my Yuletide fandoms are:

Kisa the Cat (Brown Fairy Book - Andrew Lang)
Sleeping Beauty (1959)
Chalice - Robin McKinley
Dragonriders of Pern - Anne McCaffrey
I Feel Possessed - Crowded House (Song)

General likes and dislikes
You can't go wrong in writing me worldbuilding, OCs, or minor characters. I also love characters displaying loyalty or competence (including the kind of competence where they screw up and then learn from their mistakes). I love it when writers include little details of things they know well. I like friendships and mentorships. I like humour, including black humour. I like a range of moods, from very bright to very dark, although I've given specific indications of my preferred tones for some of the canons below. I'm happy with stories in first, second, or third person, and in past or present tense.

I really like a lot of things, and one of the reasons I keep coming back to fic exchanges is that I've enjoyed my gifts. I am looking forward to your offering. I hope you have fun writing it.

Please don't focus your story on harm to hands (other types of violence OK), memory loss, or addictions.

For higher-rated fics: kinks I am actively interested in include non-con; dub-con; BDSM; voice kink; praise kink. Kinks I specifically avoid include age play; puppy play; medical kink; humiliation. For other kinks, use your best judgment. If you write me smut, it doesn't have to be kinky smut, either. If you write me a story, it doesn't have to be a smutty story! In fact, most of my requests lend themselves more to gen than porn. The list is merely to help you out if you're that way inclined.

To the fandoms!

Kisa the Cat (Brown Fairy Book - Andrew Lang)
Characters: ANY (in the tag set: Kisa (Kisa the Cat), Ingibjorg (Kisa the Cat), Kisa's Mother (Kisa the Cat)).

This fairy tale has the potential for great backstory - especially regarding Kisa's mother's curse. I also love the friendship between Ingibjorg and Kisa, and would enjoy femslash too. The actual prince(s) in the story are such an afterthought, which makes me laugh. I'd prefer a story for this canon to be generally cheerful.

The canon is very short, and online here at Project Gutenberg (beware: it is very orange).

I was idly browsing online fairy tales earlier this year. I was drawn to this one because it is about cats, and I love cats. But there is also so much more! I would love to know more about Ingibjorg's and Kisa's strange parallel childhood. I would love to know why Kisa left, and returned. Or, I would really like to know what Kisa's mother thought of her curse. Did she seek out people's tragedies to see if she could fix them? Was she tempted to set up terrible situations so that she could set them magnificently right? I hope, after all, that she wasn't. I read one modern retelling of this story that was unhappy in tone - very much along the theme of be careful what you wish for - and I realised I'd far rather read a story that is essentially whimsical or cheerful.

I am not so interested in the giants part of the story, although it does please me when Kisa solemnly tells Ingibjorg that she cannot expect to walk on her restored feet immediately. (Realistic recovery times in fiction for the win!) And there is a period of resting in the woods into which you could fit an interesting or charming story. I really love the part afterwards:

'Let me sleep for this night at the foot of your bed.'
'Is that ALL?' asked Ingibjorg, much disappointed.
- maybe that shouldn't be the end of things, you know? ^!^

But these are only suggestions: I'd love for your fic to explore the story however you like, as long as it has a generally cheerful or hopeful tone.

Sleeping Beauty (1959)
Characters: Aurora (Sleeping Beauty), Maleficent (Sleeping Beauty)

For all of Aurora's life, Maleficent is obsessed with her. Explore that, please! Whether the parallel thoughts of an evil fairy and an innocent princess, or femslash, or a completely different middle or end to this movie, I'd like you to write these characters as they relate to each other.

This dynamic hits a few kink buttons for me. I would love a kinky story. Non-con, dub-con, somnophilia, and BDSM are all good - and those are mere suggestions, not an exclusive list. I'd also love the scenario of either Maleficent or Aurora or both falling in love against their will. But I am primarily a gen writer and reader, so please believe me when I say I'd also love pure character study, say, or canon-divergent AU. One less kinky idea I'd be fascinated with: Aurora was raised by fairies. Sure, they were pretending to be humans, but they had a tenuous grasp on human customs. What effect did that have on the way Aurora saw the world? Similarly, exploration of Maleficent's place in this world, and how fairies and humans are supposed to co-exist, would be fantastic.

(In case you're wondering, I have also seen the recent Maleficent movie. That had many things I liked, and many things I didn't. One big thing I prefer about the original Disney movie is the way Maleficent glories in her own evil. And TURNS INTO A DRAGON. Oh yeah, xeno is also welcome.)

Chalice - Robin McKinley
Characters: ANY (in tag set: Clearseer (Chalice), Liapnir | The Master, Mirasol (Chalice), Talisman (Chalice))

I like the magic system - and the political system. I like the way magic here is about keeping everything running - I like how practical it is. I identify with Mirasol's feeling of being out of her depth and struggling out of those depths by frantically learning.

Some keywords for you to work with - for any of the characters -: competence, practicality, learning by doing, community, symbolism.

I'd love anything about ANY combination of the magical administrative team solving problems - I'd really love to see them working together! For Talisman and Clearseer, I'd be interested in how their magic affects their outlook - or vice versa. We know so little about them that I would eat any description of their powers or duties up with a spoon. I'd love a story about Liapnir's time in Fire, or about Mirasol later down the track when she's begun to come into her confidence and power.

I ran across someone else’s prompt that went “Fix the ending - have Mirasol and Liapnir live happily ever after platonically. With the bees,” and although I don’t mind the romance in Chalice at all, that would be pretty great too. Mutual respect and support in any form!

Or, if you do like their romance: hmm, here is one (rare) canon in which I can see hurt/comfort working for me. If you want to write smut, I'd prefer you avoid kinks that revolve around power differentials, even mutually-agreed ones. I see Mirasol and Liapnir as equals supporting each other and I would like that to come through really clearly in the bedroom, too. (I realise BDSM allows for equality, but it's still not a dynamic I'm interested in here.)

Dragonriders of Pern - Anne McCaffrey
Characters: Oklina

A post-canon - well, post-6th Pass-canon - Oklina fic would be especially loved here. Her life has changed so much, so quickly, but the same can be said of the world around her. You could keep your focus narrow, on a young woman and her dragon, or you could explore all of the politics going on around them.

I feel as though it must be hard to impress a queen egg in the wake of Moreta, Leri, Orlith, and Holth's dramatic departures. This isn't a Lessa situation - Oklina is far from the only queen rider around - but I still feel as though she would inherit a lot of expectations, and it would be interesting to consider that. I'd also love to read an Oklina story that explored ordinary duties for dragon riders (it does not have to be a complicated plotty story if that's not your style; a day in the life is good). Or, what about the politics that surround the end of a Pass? (Adjusted tithes? Wringing concessions out of Lord Holders while they're still grateful? There's a wonderful line in Moreta's Ride about riders going to craft-holds on Search because they'll need riders with a wide variety of skills when the Pass is over.) Or, look at how queen riders' hierarchies work.

If you want to keep Oklina with B'lerion, that's fine; I'm also quite happy with a story that separates them. Monogamy isn't an expectation that Oklina can afford to have in a Weyr, after all. (Rider romantic relationships vs. political relationships is another topic I find interesting.)

I'd prefer not to get a story from a draconic perspective, or a plot that is largely about draconic time travel.

I Feel Possessed - Crowded House (Song)
Characters: none nominated

Youtube video is here
Lyrics are here

She said I could never do that
But I know you can you are in my dream
We are one person not two of a kind
And what was mine is now in your possession

I love this song deeply, and would love to see any narrative interpretation. The characters referred to as "I", "you", and "she" have such a mysterious relationship; indeed it seems necessary to assume supernatural factors in order to untangle it. I love the moods in this song: wonder and awe are two that I get from it. If there really is a case of possession, it seems to be something the narrator wants, or has summoned, like an avatar rather than a demon or a ghost. And maybe there's nothing obviously magical or supernatural happening - maybe the narrator is just having experiences that challenge his or her idea of the real and the possible.

If you can manage to keep a similar balance in your story between the real and the surreal: magic grounded, or the ordinary lifted up - I will be delighted and impressed.

I also like this cover by Oh Mercy, although the cover has a sense of sadness and regret that I do not think is present in the original.

I have an ulterior motive in requesting this song for Yuletide: I've already requested it twice for Jukebox. Jukebox is my own exchange. I've run it twice now. It's a fanfic exchange for musical canons only, and will next be run in approximately March-June 2015. It's a blast; I have had such a great time running it. If my prompt for this song can lure you in to checking out the exchange, MY WORK HERE IS DONE. ^!^

If any of these prompts have made you think of a story that already exists, by all means drop me a recommendation. I have not read widely in recent years, and I may easily have missed something I would enjoy.

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