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Holiday update
SSar's Beast
Joel and I spent four days in Melbourne, with Mum, mostly walking around and making plenty of use of the free City Circle tram. Some highlights included the Craft gallery on Flinders Lane, Guilfoyle's Volcano in the Botanic Gardens, and some very good food. I hadn't been to Melbourne before, and I didn't feel I did a lot that one can only do in Melbourne, but I liked exploring. (My left foot decided to disagree with me about that - deeps aches all through day 2 and 3. Better now.)

I have been writing plenty, partly because plane rides are good for that and partly because I just have to. I finished my Crossovering fic around 1am on Wednesday morning in the hotel and sent it to beta, then at 7:30am we were waiting for a bus to Tullamarine. Then an hour's flight to Sydney, then fifteen hours' flight to Dallas Fort Worth, then two hours' flight to Tampa. That was a very long Wednesday. Got another 1k or so written on another fic, and three books read, including Diana Wynne Jones' The Merlin Conspiracy. I grumped to NightsMistress that The Merlin Conspiracy spends rather a lot of time trying to tell-not-show you that its protagonists are jerks, which is wearying. I get that perfect heroes/heroines are boring, DWJ, but just having the characters make side observations like "I realised I had X flaw," is not the way to fix that.

Crossovering has been pushed back a week to help the writers of the final pinch hits. I am one of those pinch hits! *bats eyelashes* May I tempt you with any two of these fandoms:

The Cabin in the Woods (2011)
Fairy Tales & Related Fandoms
Hunger Games Series - All Media Types
Kingdom Hearts
Pocket Monsters | Pokemon - All Media Types
Push (2009)
Shoujo Kakumei Utena | Revolutionary Girl Utena
Zombieland (2009)
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (TV)


Other pinch hits are here.

Next priorities: taking in the beta-suggested edits, maybe trying to write a treat, and writing Exchange at Fic Corner stories. Plus my ongoing stories.

Back to holiday: Joel and I slept fitfully in Tampa and both woke up with colds, drat. Got the run-around at the car rental place, but eventually hit the road. Very tired, so when we arrived at my grandmother's house we only chatted for about an hour before going back to the hotel to crash. However: we managed NOT to nap straight until the early hours of the morning. We have explored, discovered the supermarket, and even done most of a load of laundry in the hotel's coin machines. Oh quarters. I missed you.

Mum has been ordering books from Amazon and having them delivered to Grandma's house in anticipation of this trip; they are now an impressive pile of 25 or so, mostly to do with her master's thesis. I'm almost a bit sorry that this trip has not given us an opportunity to sit in a corner somewhere together and work on things (me on fic, her on thesis) as has been a tradition in our previous travels together.

Instead, I convinced Mum and Joel to indulge me in a giant bead crafting project (we chased all around Melbourne to get supplies), to start tomorrow. GOSH I HOPE IT WORKS. Grandma does a lot of crochet and other crafts, and I figured it would be one way to take the burden off "entertaining" us, if I had something to work on to make a bit of a craft circle.

Back home, my friends are mostly discussing Nicky Hager's "Dirty Politics". The election is a week after we return. I have a lot of blogs to read. =/

Okay, self, now go edit your Crossovering fic.

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yay writing! yay crafting! I hope you're having an awesome time in the US. :) I was just in Orlando (where I'm from) last month - I hope Florida's cooled down a bit since!

Florida's in the 90s at the moment - very hot for us, but as a comfort, the locals seem to think it's hot too. :) I'm looking forward to Wednesday, with a high of only 88.

I have been to Orlando once, doing the typical Disney thing and lots of minigolf. Seems like it would be an interesting place to grow up.

Bead collar is now longer than it is wide. Yay progress!

How are you?

*whimpers at thought of 15 hour flights* Possibly I will never visit Australia/NZ because of this. OK, maybe they'll get better at flights. Flying NA->China (12 hours?) was already HORRIBLE. Bafdsjkfljwoiejsd Anyway, to bring it back to you and not me, I'm glad it let you write! That's awesome. I continue to be really impressed by how much you do fannishly.

Craft circle sounds like fun!

Well, I'm impressed by your reading and reviewing. :)

If it helps, the 15-hour flight is a new-ish and especially long hop. Los Angeles to Sydney is a distinctly shorter trip than Dallas Fort Worth to Sydney.

Yay vacationing! I hope you guys had a blast. :D How was DragonCon?

I made a new friend who will moving (back to) Sydney in Jan, so maybe I will ACTUALLY make it to your hemisphere one of these years!

DragonCon was good! I'll do a proper post about it soon. (Are you doing one for Burning Man? :D) I think I should have prepared for it better by making connections on DragonCon forums and Facebook pages before I went, to aid social mingling when I actually arrived, but the panels and the costumes were heaps of fun.

Maybe, if I can figure out what to say. But most likely I won't, because I have no idea.

I'm glad you had fun! Sorry the social wasn't ideal, but I'm glad it was still good!

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