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June-July revisited
SSar's Beast
So, let's look at how I did with my fannish to-do list in June and July.


I beta'd all the fics I promised to beta.

I finished my assignment for Jukebox, and two treats, and a desperately 1am last-minute assignment, and - with many thanks to some wonderful deadline writers - opened the collection on time.

I finished commenting on everything in Jukebox 2014.

Dhampyresa and I rounded up Night on Fic Mountain, and I think we had fun and worked well together as well as meeting other basic exchange goals (good communication + a story for every person who signed up and wrote a story themselves).

I wrote an assignment and a treat for Night on Fic Mountain. Both were written in short periods of time, and I was particularly happy with my writing process for the assignment, because I completed it well before the deadline and kept it short and cheerful, as per my aim.

I wrote a treat for Not Prime Time - Dark and Bright, Greek mythology, Eros/Psyche AU.

I wrote a brief and persuaded Flamebyrd to create a tool for pinch hits on AO3 exchanges. I mean, she did the actual coding work, but I helped make it happen too! [This related to my "learn Python so I can do the thing" to-do bullet point.]


I haven't completed my stretch goal for Night on Fic Mountain.

I have three open assignments, each for a different exchange.

I haven't written any rec posts.

I have barely read other people's fic at all.

I'm stuck in a slow section in the current chapter of my Black Jewels story.


Frantic writing; vacation; YULETIDE.

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You are a marvel. I'm damned impressed.

I'm sad that your vacation and mine are mutually exclusive. Do you fly by way of CA (specifically, SFO) on the way back, by any chance?

I don't think so, sorry! We're coming back from New York and we might go through LA. Would have to check.

Thank you! It is actually quite a bit of writing, now I think on it.

No worries! Just figured it would be good to confirm we won't pass one another in the airport! Have an absolute blast.

Yeah it is!

Yeah, it's NY to LA to Sydney. Maybe some other time. :) Have a great time too!

That is a LOT of fannish output *high-fives*

There are fics I haven't read and those that are weighing on me are the fourteen from my own effing exchange. AGGG. So don't feel bad!


I really know that feeling! I wish I'd managed to comment on everything in Jukebox 2013, but I think the writers will forgive me.

I'm sorry for not keeping up with Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell, though.

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