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Dear Scribbler at Fic Corner
SSar's Beast
So! Hello, and thank you for your interest. I'm recycling my letter a bit. All of these are canons I've asked for before, and I have previously received a Derkholm story in an exchange. It was a lovely story, but that was way back in Yuletide 2010, so I feel the time is right to request it again.

To avoid: Please avoid graphic harm to hands in your story, as well as narratives about addiction and substance abuse. Please treat stories about memory loss carefully: I find it hard not to take memory loss seriously, and painfully, so tropy amnesia fics, or fantasies where children forget the magical world at the end of the story, don't work for me.

To include: Pretty much anything else. For these requests, I'm mostly thinking gen, but you can probably sell me on romance or high ratings.

In general, I like an awful lot of things. I love worldbuilding and OCs. I love friendship and mentorship stories. I like practical details. I like humour and action, but I also like character studies. I like crack and whimsy. Make me sad or make me laugh - it's all good.

Alyzon Whitestarr - Isobelle Carmody

Isobelle Carmody has a lot to say about emotional maturity, and hope, and her ideas speak to me. Also, this is a book about extra-sensory perception whereby people's moods, memories, and dreams can be transmitted through scents, which are lovingly described; that's a lot of fun. Here are some very optional ideas for stories:

-More of Gilly's background
-Gilly and Raoul's earlier friendship/relationship
-The whole group, before Alyzon, doing something together
-related to the above, I'd particularly like to see more of Sarry on one of her better days
-An outside perspective on Alyzon, at any point (uh, particularly Harrison's, if you feel like being fluffy)
-Any original characters or minor book characters dealing with some of the same realizations Alyzon comes to
-A story you already had in mind when offering this canon.

Chalice - Robin McKinley

I like the magic system - and the political system. I like the way magic here is about keeping everything running - I like how practical it is. I identify with Mirasol's feeling of being out of her depth and struggling out of those depths by frantically learning.

Some keywords for you to work with: competence, practicality, learning by doing, community, symbolism.

Among other things, I'd love:

-More background for any of the characters besides Mirasol
-Anything about any combination of the magical administrative team solving problems. I'd really love to see them working together! For the Master and the Grand Seneschal particularly: you could hint about life and priorities beyond the demesne, or for Talisman and Clearwater, I'd be interested in how their magic affects their philosophies - or vice versa.
-With Mirasol: I'd particularly like to see her come into her confidence and powers; stories from years down the track would be great.
-I ran across someone else’s prompt that went “Fix the ending - have Mirasol and Liapnir live happily ever after platonically. With the bees,” and although I don’t mind the romance in Chalice at all, that would be pretty great too. Mutual respect and support in any form!

Derkholm Series - Diana Wynne Jones

Any of Claudia, Felim, Ruskin, Olga, or Elda would be lovely. I LOVE the university atmosphere Jones portrays in Year of the Griffin, but I'd also be curious about how the earlier Wizarding Tours affected any of the characters.

One thing that could be cool: now that the the world is recovering from the Tours, there are a lot of things that need fixing, a lot of unstable governments, a lot of injustices to right. How about one of the characters using their magic to get involved in a really important project?

Or two of the characters interacting with each other after their university days.

Or just more university shenanigans.

Feel free to complicate the romances, or sideline them - I felt the pairings at the end of Griffin happened just a little too quickly.

The Pirates' Mixed-Up Voyage - Margaret Mahy

This book is an exemplar of dastardly deeds, intrepidness, and whimsy. More of the same would go down like a slice of hot pirate gingerbread, washed down with rumfustion.

Some serving suggestions:

-The first week of the Pirates' voyage, before everything went pear/balloon/puzzle-shaped
-The early career of Hermione Hatchett (treasure maps! tattoos! Literature!)
-Lionel Wafer/Detective Inspector Carstairs
-Canon, post-canon, and pre-canon encounters between Packy and Nell
-Nell's perspective on anything up to the end of the book
-Events (known or unknown) as told by Toothpick
-More of Packy's inventions!
-Tell me about a random Thousand Island! My favourite 3-digit number is 683

Further: you may be wondering why I've nominated Packy, a canon character with significant memory issues, yet I've listed memory issues as a general Do Not Want. Sorry! Uh, for clarity, my aversion to this trope comes, on the one hand, from reading too many books in which the characters had to forget everything at the end of an adventure - this was often played for angst and seems monstrously unfair to me - and, on the other hand, from having relatives with Alzheimer's. Memory is a huge part of who we are. It's precious.

I see Packy's situation as simultaneously tragic and comic. In particular, his canon interactions with Caramello strike me as quite poignant. But the general tone of canon is upbeat; the general sense is that he, and his family, have solutions to his problems, including this one. If you could follow that tone with any story you tell with regard to him, I'd appreciate it. Black humour is also OK.

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