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A list comprising all of the things
SSar's Beast
Despite appearances, I have not been in passive mode.

I have been tagmodding the nominations for Fic Mountain (or as I keep calling it, Juletide) which is a new initiative for a midyear Yuletide.

I hosted a write-in for my birthday. (Hey, my friends had nabbed all the convenient evenings for large parties, so I thought I'd just do something I wanted to do.) Five friends came and entered fantastically into the spirit of things, working on projects from comic show material to library haiku, and I was probably the only person who didn't write a word.

I have been doing beta jobs and constructive criticism all over the place. *swishes cape*

I dropped out of WipBigBang, but out of lingering enthusiasm, I offered to beta, and WHAM! there's over 100k of fic for me to look at. GLORY.

I am behind on silverflight8's Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell read-along, but I shall catch up and there have been good comments so far!

I have been watching Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. with Joel. I had moments of really hating it at first (which is why I haven't mentioned it much, because who wants to hear that), but following Winter Soldier I'm really hopeful it'll iron out its unevenness and stay good. It's so fascinating to watch this film-TV convergence experiment. Finally I don't feel like I need shipping goggles (or to adore Skye) in order to enjoy things.

I also opened up Jukebox Fest for brainstorming, and to my delight, there has been a nice enthusiastic showing. Seriously, if there's something nicer than heading an initiative, and returning to run it again, to find that a group of the participants from last time are all YAY WE WERE WAITING FOR THIS - I don't know what that is.

I have one complicated meeting to get through tomorrow, but after that, it will be the super-long weekend (thank you, University holiday scheduling), and I will beta things, and work on no fewer than THREE AO3 tag sets, and tabulate YouTube videos, and write my Rarewomen, and possibly write a ShipSwap treat, and cheerlead a ShipSwap treat, and go to pole dancing class, and host a Utena viewing session, and combine Sucker Punch and Wonderfalls and strawberry daiquiris, and do some codecademy Python modules, and investigate software options for a speech-to-text oral history project, and…

…and hang out with Joel and Sam, of course…

Basically, if I get to next Wednesday and make my common moan of 'but I didn't get anything done this weekend', that in itself will be an achievement. (Not the preferable one.) (Still.)

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You are the best cheerleader and also a lifesaver, though now I feel kind of bad asking for it. o_O

Why feel bad? It was fun brainstorming, and I am glad I got to read further material from the story.

That sounds like quite the weekend, potentially! Good luck on doing things!

That's a lot of exchanges! I like the name Juletide :DDD

It is! Well, it looks like a lot of exchanges. But they're all in different phases.

I liked this week's episode of AoS better than last week's, but consider the writing on both weeks to be frustratingly bad compared to the writing of the Winter Soldier. Nick Fury entrusted the secret of his life to the following list of people: Maria Hill, Natasha Romanoff, Sam Wilson, Steve Rogers, Phil Coulson, and random comic relief geek played by Patton Oswalt? WTF, show? I don't mention this point because it was particularly frustrating, but because it was particularly obvious, and indicative of a severe lack of thought being put into the show's internal logic.

But Bill Paxton finally getting to play comic book supervillain is rocking, and Ward does seem way more interesting now, even though it frustrates me beyond belief that they put zero narrative groundwork whatsoever into setting up his turn. Basically, if they were playing a long game with regard to the tie-in with the movie, they don't seem to have put a lot of planning into it.

But maybe they'll straighten it out... it could still work, I suppose.

Honestly, I feel as though we've passed through so much awful, inconsistent characterization that my standards are now low. Last week we got to the end of the episode, and I sat silent for a minute feeling grumpy because I felt hurt by Ward's betrayal: I feel as though the show hadn't given me a consistent Ward, so, because I liked him better than some other characters, I'd put pieces of him together in my head to form someone who was likeable and loyal. The show had made me work to create a consistent version of his character - one I knew was not entirely supported - and then ruined all the work I felt I'd done for them to make me like him.

I'm okay with his betrayal being a long-term plan, though.

Lanyard-obsessed Arctic Circle geek just felt like a blip to me. A humorous note? Okay. I suppose it can be explained away with Fury's mindset: even the people he trusts most wouldn't know that he entrusted the knowledge of his survival to someone else who isn't connected to any of them. But Lanyard Call of Duty guy seems like too much of an idiot for this to be plausible.

Simmons is my favourite part lately.

(Suddenly I want the crack AU where everyone on the damn Bus except Coulson is either a Hydra agent or a Hydra sleeper agent, in order to explain their utterly inconsistent behaviours. There are terrible miscommunications, and until Winter Soldier, none of them know about the others, and eventually they all go rogue together and it's Genuinely Evil Protagonists Against the World! Maybe while working together to gaslight Coulson.)


Problem is, according to interviews they told Ward that he was HYDRA two episodes before the turn. So the real reason for the inconsistent characterization is that the writers and directors weren't actually directing their actors in a sane way. He was acting loyal and likeable because he thought that's who he was playing!?!

even the people he trusts most wouldn't know that he entrusted the knowledge of his survival to someone else who isn't connected to any of them.

Yeah, in most SHIELD is compromised storylines in the comics, it turns out that Fury has a backup plan he didn't tell the rest of the people in SHIELD, involving people who would never in a million years be associated with Fury. But usually they're ultra-competent people who are secret for other reasons, or people Fury has devoted a lot of personal time to training in secret.

Thanks for the interview information! Huh. Alllll the misdirection.

But usually they're ultra-competent people who are secret for other reasons - actually, Joel and I thought of a counter to this. It's kind of a waste to stick a super competent person up in the sub-arctic waste for an indefinite length of time against an uncertain eventuality. So perhaps you put someone up there who's loyal - but also utterly lacking in initiative.

God, I miss betaing. I should find people who need it and do that.

Have you read this? You might like it.


Do you know Buffy the Vampire Slayer and House? Someone on the WIP Big Bang list where I volunteered was asking for help with a 16,000-word crossover...

Thanks for the story! I liked the descriptions and Grandma's character. It seemed a little pushy about the general entitlement of men at the beginning, but I liked it once I got into it.

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