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Invisible Ficathon reveals
SSar's Beast
Both stories and authors are now visible in the Invisible Ficathon.

I wrote two stories. The first is "Years of Magical Thinking", a small treat for [personal profile] fluffybun, riffing off the bits of Simon Snow fandom portrayed in Rainbow Rowell's novel Fangirl. Brief, cheerful female-friendship-y worldbuilding. They seemed to like it! Another reviewer pointed out that I might have got a canon detail wrong - oops - but they sounded enthusiastic about the prospect of me revising canon and writing more stuff, so it works out in the end. ^!^ (And huzzah for concrit.)

The second is "First Steps Past the End of the World", for [archiveofourown.org profile] ryfkah. This is a crossover between Revolutionary Girl Utena and Millie Goes to School… because ryfkah put their Purimgifts and Invisific prompts in the same letter… and the Utena Purimgifts prompt and Millie Invisific prompt therefore appeared next to each other… and one called for crossovers, and the other called for wildcard supernatural elements… so it had to be written. Because of course we want to see Nanami transfer out of Ohtori.

It was immensely fun to write, up until the last minute (but I'll get to that). The "Millie" series adds up to about 400 words in Diana Wynne Jones's The Lives of Christopher Chant - as best I can tell, it's in the same vein as Enid Blyton's series like Malory Towers and St Clare's and The Naughtiest Girl*. So I re-read some Malory Towers books to get a basis for tone.

(I wonder what the woman sitting on my other side, on the plane, thought of the snippets of Utena that flashed across my laptop screen. Here's a kangaroo! Vaguely appropriate!)

When about 1/3 of it was written, I asked two people if they would consider giving it a quick look over. They both graciously agreed - only for me to realise that I'd got the deadline wrong, and fics were LIVE, NOW, and basically ARGH. (So sorry, brave betas-in-waiting!) Luckily, [personal profile] jadelennox kept the collection open.

First Steps would have benefited from a critical view - like its title, it is NOT subtle - but oh well, it stands, and it's cheerful, and people like it. And now I've written for Utena! Fandom to-do list: tick.

I feel mixed about the concept of Invisible Ficathon. It's as much a game as it is an exchange of fiction. I like exchanging fiction. I really don't like playing the game. I want to talk to people, not perform at/with them. Yet the game encourages and creates a space for types of fiction that are especially playful and unusual. And it's not designed to be exclusive; it's a game with relatively simple rules and courtesies.

Eh. I'm glad to have written things.

*When I was talking to my fellow research assistant** about the ficathon, she pointed out the auspices of Lowood House, the name of Millie's school. It makes me wonder if in the Chrestomanci world, Millie Goes to School is what we got instead of Jane Eyre… An intriguing concept, but I didn't have space to explore it, so instead I just called all the teachers Rivers and Adele and Fairfax and so forth. As you do. HOW HANDY that in the Monday workshop, we were trying out a text analysis tool on… Jane Eyre.

**This meant she had context when I interrupted a peaceful hotel evening to squawk about missed deadlines.

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