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Recent fandom goodies
SSar's Beast
1. The Purimgifts collection opened last week, and as well as other stories on female, Jewish, or evil vizier characters, it held two ficlets written for me, in the fandom of Arrested Development.

Arrested Megillah, in two parts, is about how Tobias's Season Four ambitions get… somehow… even wilder and wackier when he decides that the best way to get a show on the road is to (implausibly) incorporate Jewish tradition. Kitty Sanchez Makes Her Mov(i)e is a satisfying inner monologue on how Kitty might have placed herself at the centre of several Season Four plots for the purpose of revenge. Both fics demonstrate that quality so universal to Arrested Development characters, which is that their flashes of self-awareness only serve to get them further into trouble. (Said trouble is often glorious.)

I defaulted on this exchange the weekend before stories were due; for me, it had been the second weekend of wrestling with an overly-ambitious story. If I take part in Purimgifts again, it will have to be with canons I'm much more confident in. My silent thanks to the pinch hitter, and apologies to my recipient. I've shelved the story idea for now, but it would be nice to finish it at leisure and post it as a treat.

2. [personal profile] chestnut_filly has recorded a podfic of my story "(in case I don't see you) good afternoon, good evening, and good night". (The story, originally written as a treat for [tumblr.com profile] ladyofthelog, is in Robin McKinley's Sunshine universe; it's a short description of Yolande's perspective on the events of the novel.) I am thrilled and honoured to hear a spoken version of something I've written.

3. One day last year, I was on the bus coming back from the vege market and, as you do, I idly scrolled through the 'Browse - Works' page on AO3 to see what had just been posted. This led me to [archiveofourown.org profile] lorata's Hunger Games fic. Lorata specializes in District Two worldbuilding and backstory, and since I love worldbuilding and perspectives on other Districts, I was hooked straight away. The especially handy thing about commenting on Lorata's stuff is that I keep saying, "now, I wonder about X thing happening in the background," and she says, "hmmmm," (or "you are a terrible enabler") and writes it.

Thus, it is only fair that I connect her with new readers. As well as Hunger Games, [archiveofourown.org profile] lorata has written for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Avengers comics, Temeraire, Much Ado About Nothing, Kamen Rider W (Double), Jewish Scripture & Legend/Christian Bible (Old Testament), Macdonald Hall - Gordon Korman, and Portal.

For Hunger Games, I recommend you start with Fixed to a Star, although it's not the only possible inroad. lorata, which other starting points do you recommend?

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:) :) :) :) :)

I have "The Devil You Know" as the first piece of the D2 series just because it has everyone we get named from Two and covers canon events. It's the one I was angriest writing, though, so it's probably the heaviest/most OUCH.

I think Fixed to a Star is a good opener as well, yeah. Maybe To Love a Beast? I've had a few people start with Heidi because she's easy to connect with, and the whole struggling-with-horror is easier to see when it's a mother's POV.


by the way, I was looking back over the last year now that I'm writing postwar canon au Claudius becoming a mentor-ish to ex-Careers (FULL CIRCLE FEEEELINGS) and I was reminded that his story would be, like, 5 chapters shorter now if not for your "but what about x" so I feel like I should be giving you something :P

Like the four stories you've already given me? :P

I am looking forward to the, uh, Secret Exchange Fic, should it inspire you to continue it.

Hope the cold's better?

I should probably stop writing Things That Aren't That, but the TTAT are so much fun and That is so much pain.

Cold has downgraded from abject misery to annoying me by overstaying its welcome. Progress!!

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