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(no subject)
SSar's Beast

The objectively good but not quite fortunate circumstance of finding a sci-fi/fantasy bookstore in Perth and wanting to buy something excellent and standalone and likely to be nominated for Yuletide or by someone likely to be at DragonCon. Argh.


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It's okay, I bought a new short story collection by Peter S. Beagle. I wish I could be here for SwanCon in a month! Anne Bishop and Isobelle Carmody and five days of awesomeness.

Did half of this sentence go missing? e.g., but you can't carry it home?

Well - quite possibly, but not by accidental deletion. It's true it is missing a subject. Perhaps it could have begun, "I find myself in..."

The dilemma was of finding a nice bookstore (yay!) but of having limited time to browse and no idea what I wanted. I felt unprepared.

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