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Very late on a Friday night I start to think I am quotable.
SSar's Beast
The cat was on a mission behind the bed. It was an alarming mission with many inexplicable noises. Eventually, she made a dramatic return by launching herself through a gap in the headboard. It went something like this.

Me: "Cat, stop that."

Joel: "Maybe she's repairing the wheels of your suitcase."

Me: "Okay then."

Cat: reemerges

Me: "Kitty! Where were you? What on earth were you up to?"

Joel: "She put her right paw in…"

Me: "NO."

Joel: "So what you're saying is, she took her right paw out."


Me: dissolves into giggling

Cat: shoots off like a rocket


(edit: Joel: "Keep your quote marks consistent."
Me: "Thank you."
Joel: "It's my policy to ensure you don't hate yourself in the morning.")

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Ok, I enjoy all three characters in this tale. It was read while my local cat is curled up on my arm, purring. Oh, kitties. You are so difficult and crazy and wonderful. ♥

They are! Hello to your cat. And to you. How are you?

(I don't see the point of having a journal if I can't be foolish in it occasionally.)

(This cat is not totally in my good books right now, due to having peed on something she really shouldn't have, but she makes up for it.)

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