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Dear Author letter: Rarewomen 2014
SSar's Beast
Thank you, author! Thank you very much.

My enjoyment of your story may be spoiled by: harm to hands, substance abuse, or memory loss.

I will enjoy reading: something you loved writing, worldbuilding, loyalty, emotional insight, friendships, humour, dialogue… Dark humour, goofy humour, irony, teamwork, relationships intense and mild, relationships that don't easily fit into definitions, and ones that do. Honestly, this is the part where I get stuck, because I like a lot of things. I'm gonna skip to canons for now and maybe add to this later.

Characters: Whiskey, Caroline Farrell, Bennett Halverson

This is a canon in which you can run the gamut from absolute tropy wish-fulfillment to interesting drama. Have fun! I would love for you to explore the gaps in what we know about any of these three women.

For this canon, I don't mind you writing about memory loss. I dislike memory loss being treated casually, or used as a plot point when it's not already in a canon; if you treat it with respect, or use all its dark potential, I'm along for the ride.

Weirdly my favourite, while I was watching the show. I was fascinated by the implications of her long absence; I was fascinated by Saunders' revelations about herself; I was fascinated by the idea in Epitaph that this Active was given the duties and responsibilities of a 'whole' person. Feel free to write her as Saunders, as pure Active, or as her pre-Active identity.

Caroline Farrell
I was more interested in her the more compromised she seemed. I liked the idea of Caroline as corrupt idealist: willing to do anything for a (naively understood?) cause, willing to manipulate and betray. I was a little disappointed that Echo so clearly took over, and we didn't get to see the negotiations between the former and the new aggregate identity. Bring Caroline out of the shadows. (Bring them with her.)

Bennett Halverson
I like her cynicism; I like what her character does with the trope of a logical genius with low emotional intelligence, because Bennett doesn't catch all the emotional beats, but she feels intensely, and she's fairly insightful. Eager to please, but also ruthless. I would love to see more about how she sees her place in Rossum. I would also love to see her survive, but that's optional.

Some further ideas: Caroline observing Whiskey on an engagement; Bennett and Caroline at Tucson; Bennett and Caroline exploring Echo's promise of 'I'll hold the bitch down'. I definitely ship Bennett and Caroline; it's not healthy or generous, but it could be intense.

Minimal Topher, please. I enjoy both Adelle and November. (Maybe Bennett's involvement in setting up the Madeline and Perrin plot? Maybe Adelle/Caroline?)

Shoujo Kakumei Utena | Revolutionary Girl Utena
Characters: Shinohara Wakaba, Kaoru Kozue

I've only recently seen this series, including the movie, and am slowly progressing through a re-watch. I'm unlikely to lay hands on the manga. I've yet to catch up on the discussion - or, indeed, all the fic. Since I have only gone through the series once, any particularly elaborate plotting or references you create may go over my head. (But I don't mind being a little bit confused. It's an expected state of mind, for Utena.)

Shinohara Wakaba
I love how cheerful and sensible she can be - it makes me feel as though Ohtori's darker aspects can't touch her. (Feel free to prove me wrong. After all, the canon kinda does.) She seems like an anchor to ordinary human enthusiasms and mistakes. Her perspective on high drama, oddities, or some new aspect of Ohtori I've not considered would all be welcome.

Kaoru Kozue
She's a mystery to me. Her obvious angles are obvious - I feel as though there must be something more to her than cynicism, than her demands for recognition. I don't know what her goals are. Flesh her out to me.

I also thought about requesting Shiori or Juri or Nanami, but I have even fewer specific ideas for them. If you have other favourite female Utena characters, feel free to include them or even make them the focus.

Soon I Will Be Invincible - Austin Grossman
Characters: Damsel, Lily, Galatea

I'm not a comics reader, but I enjoy the mix of fun, glory and pathos employed in this tribute to the superhero genre.

I think she most keenly feels her role as the intermediary between the last generation of superheroes and the new. Something about that, maybe? I admire the role she takes as the organizer and the face of the team.

She's lived so many lives! I want to know about the transitions between any of them. What would make her happy? What does she want? How have her goals changed?

The thoughts of an altruistic secret AI are always welcome. And actions. Maybe delve into some missions from the original Champions? (There are some parallels to be set up between her & her creator, and Fatale & Impossible, if you want.)

Emelan - Tamora Pierce
Characters: Sandry, Daja, Tris, Lark

This is an old favourite of a canon (and my first Yuletide assignment!).

My prompts for each of the three younger characters are pretty much the same. I love seeing the young mages do really practical things with their skills. I would also like to learn more about Lark, especially about her perspective on her wider purpose at Winding Circle Temple, because I feel we've had some of that for Rosethorn but much less for Lark.

I'd prefer for you to avoid the kind of scene where Daja, Tris, or Sandry is underestimated, maybe belittled, and then does something really dramatic or heroic to win respect. I always enjoyed these in canon, but they work best when they're really, really earned. Everyday life and future concerns would be lovely. Tris and polite interactions at Lightsbridge? Sandry on a new project? Daja and her Trader interactions now that she's no longer outcast? Lark: anything? (How did she feel about fostering children?)

Uh, and if anyone wants to discuss any of these canons, hi! :)

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