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A handful of exchanges
SSar's Beast
Shipswap, a fanfic exchange for pairings, is open for signups until some point on February 10. Here is the tag set of nominated pairings. I'm not doing shipswap - I always have trouble coming up with pairings I'd like to either read or write - but I wrote a pinch hit last year, and sirvalkyrie seems to run it pretty well.

Purimgifts, a ficlet-and-multimedia exchange organized around Purim, is also closing signups on February 10. I am signed up for this one, but wibbling about it. Cons: art is required, and I suck at art; I'm trying to write other stuff around the same time; I'll be flying to a conference in Perth right after the challenge deadline. Pros: I asked for art tips and got a lot of encouragement, and the challenge atmosphere in general is very friendly - I am still talking regularly to my giver & one of my recipients from last year. (Hello, you!)

Rarewomen, a fanfic exchange for female-identifying characters who don't already have a huge amount of fic written for them, is just finishing nominations and, after a week of tag set tidying, will be open for signups. I've nominated a few things and am looking forward to this exchange.

The Invisible Ficathon, a fanfic exchange for canons that exist only in allusion, is open for signups until February 11. I'm not taking part, but I commend those who do for their daring and sense of fun. This is the first year of this challenge, and the idea is to write fanfic of those nonexistent canons. So, fanfic of a TV show that exists in a fictional world, fanfic of Chaucer's unwritten tales, etc.

I have also signed up for the WIP Big Bang, because I am terrible at writing things that are not directly required to fulfill a challenge, and not only do I love the way I want to re-write Sucker Punch (2011), I also know that no one will ever ask for it. I am tempted to sign up twice, with another story. That is a terrible idea.

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