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SSar's Beast
Tonight I visited one of my best friends. We cooked risotto and then went for a walk along the ridge line. In the early January of 2004, she and I visited Wellington. It was the first trip I'd ever made without a supervising adult. It was the summer after my last year of high school. I was seventeen and quite silly. We watched Love Actually. We chased cardboard boxes as the Wellington wind whipped them along the waterfront. I wrote a love letter to my boyfriend, put it inside an empty candy packet for earnest, in-jokey reasons… and then left the candy packet on a mall table by mistake. The tragedy!

I feel glad for the good people who were in my life then, and the good people who are in my life now. And oh, especially glad for those who both were and are.

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I had no idea you are so young!

This was a sweet post.

Thank you!

In fandom, I certainly feel quite young. 27 is almost a bit baby-faced. I'm glad I come across as reasonably mature. :)

Oh, that sounds lovely! I'm glad you're having warm fuzzies. Warm fuzzies are so good.

Aww, I'm glad you got to spend time together. I really like being able to catch up with friends and just fall right back into that friendship.

Thank you! Yeah, it's delightful. We've met many times in the intervening years, and she now lives quite close to me, but it's especially nice to reflect how long we've been friends.

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