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Concerning a Dessert Bar
SSar's Beast
Approximately a month ago, I asked Joel, He To Whom It Is Difficult To Give Presents, if for his birthday he would like me to construct some sort of very fancy ice-cream sundae, with all the bells and whistles, flake chocolate and caramel syrup imaginable.

"Ooh, let's do that for my birthday party," he said. "We can have a dessert bar."

Well, tomorrow is now the birthday party. I am still brainstorming.

-Things for ice-cream (like flakey chocolate, syrups, etc)
-Chocolate mousse
-Plain cake, possibly to be smashed into trifle
-Banoffee pie
-Or whole bananas to be caramelized with rum
-Frozen berries
-Strawberries dipped in chocolate

Do you have any ideas, excellent reading circle / friends-listers? Party is at 1pm tomorrow, I have the morning for cooking, I am a terrible baker so cake is the limit, am happy to buy *some* things pre-made.

-People will not eat all the ice-cream if they are provided with home-made chocolate mousse, banoffee pie, and Eton mess/ trifle. They will eat all of the prepared desserts.
-People will not eat all the ice-cream if we go overboard and provide six flavours of ice-cream.
-Rose syrup + ice cream + raspberries is very nice.
-Help. I suspect we will still be using up ice-cream several months from now. Unless we hold another similar party!

Well, we had fun. I did a little less hosting and a bit more partying than usual (I got to play two games of Scrabble and one game of Articulate). Then we watched Mel Brooks' "Silent Movie" over pizza - a good party movie, because it did not require all in attendance to sit down, shut up, and pay attention for the entire duration.

Must investigate Azz's idea of lemon bars for the future.

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I have ALWAYS wanted to throw an ice cream sundae party! Have so much fun you can hardly stand it!!!

Thank you! May there also be one for you in this very wide-open year.

When I read dessert bar I thought of those frozen yoghurt bars where there are all those containers full of lollies (mm's, gummi bears, raspberries, sprinkles, bounties, coconuts) which you can pick, choose, spoon over the icecream. Trifles remind me of parfaits.

Well exactly! Except with ice-cream instead of frozen yoghurt.

I have not yet met a parfait (I think) but they sound lovely. Er, especially if alcoholic. Do you know syllabub?

I had to look up syllabub. Something new to try!

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