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[surprisingly lots of] the small things
SSar's Beast
I have my Yuletide assignment (-and, er, pinch hit) and I feel good about them. These are worlds I'll enjoy spending some mental time in over the next little while.

Because I appointed myself Official Nagger to a friend about the deadlines for applying to a local, prestigious writing workshop, I realized that I could maybe apply to one that runs in a really convenient time over summer. Except that I don't need to take this course - especially at University course prices! - and would not be applying it to anything that would make me money.

So instead, I'll just feel glad that all of the fanfic I've been doing has changed my perspective: I used to regard Vic's International Institute of Modern Letters' courses with awe and self-doubt, and that's gone away. I don't think I'm the hottest writer on the block, but I think I'd have a decent chance of getting in. Thanks, fanfic.

I discovered that F & I will be doing our conference presentation not in one of Te Papa's little workshop rooms, but in the Soundings Theatre, which seats 300. Argh. On the other hand, we'll be doing it early in the morning of the first day, which will prevent me from worrying about it during the other talks. Perhaps I should take along a moustache, a fedora, and a change of clothes, so that the rest of the conference is spent aggressively incognito.

I have been craving late 90s and early 00s pop music. Who knows why. It's nice to dance to.

Sam and I started Tiger & Bunny. The concept is cool and I like the art of the opening sequence; however, I really hope the dynamic between the main characters changes. Two stubborn, arrogant people sniping at each other when there's work to be done is a thing I dislike.

I have a Master Plan for getting people on board with the re-watch of Utena I want to do.

Joel and I watched Machete again as preparation for Machete Kills. I love this movie. (Hey, I also like Iron Sky, and Oh John Ringo No-verse, and Trapped in the Closet, and other questionable media. Currently I have Blink 182's All the Small Things playing on repeat. Judging me is redundant.) I asked for fic for Machete before, and got great fic; but if the universe wanted to give me a giant present, Machete Kills would have a significant plot about Machete's daughter. OK? Thanks, universe.

Still watching S.H.I.E.L.D.; don't really like anyone yet.
(ETA: watched S.H.I.E.L.D. 1.05. ARGH. Squicks and idiot plots; and Simmons' main characterization point seems to be that she looks incredibly apologetic whenever she has to say anything. I wish she wouldn't.)

We had Medieval Reading Group tonight (it's been every fortnight lately). I think we found our stride a session or so ago. The first session with Robert and Christine was a little awkward, because we'd chosen The Seafarer, and we're rusty, and poetry is tricky, and Christine is of course used to teaching pace, so we'd start on a line, pause, flick to the glossary - and she'd fill in the line and prompt us to continue. Since then, we've done prose pieces, which have been more helpful in getting people up to speed. Tonight was the first half of Aelfric's homily using Gregory's commentary of the Parable of the Vineyard. At the end of the night, we were even talking about trying some Old Norse pieces again, so we were clearly feeling more confident.

(I successfully recruited one of the Medieval Reading Group people to Yuletide, hee, but she has to do NaNo first.)

People came around for dinner on Monday night; that was nice. S is coming around for dinner on Friday night. The weekend is a long weekend. I think I'm supposed to go to at least one party.

Sunday is turning into a regular thing with flatmate & her LARP-writing partner hanging out in the common room, working away; I'm really enjoying that. I'm hoping that by this Sunday, I'll be far enough along in Yuletide canon review that I can sit there and soak up Productivity Vibes and get a first draft of a fic done.

Phase 2 of unblocking drain this morning. I am going to hope I'm making progress.

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