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SSar's Beast
So, in March, I said to some anonymous people, "if I ran a song-based fic exchange, what are the problems and difficulties you foresee? What might go wrong?"

Perhaps due to their helpful suggestions, the [present] answer is: Nothing. Gloriously nothing.

And now there are stories!

"Jukebox" is a challenge modelled after Yuletide, where participants get to choose the canons they will offer and request, and submit requests. They are automatically assigned a prompt for a canon they've offered to write. There is a writing period, and then there is a lovely collection of stories.

The collection is here.

To help unfamiliar readers follow along, there is a playlist of all songs for which a story was written, here. (It omits Nana Mizuki's 'Justice to Believe', and Seanan McGuire's 'Mother of the Crows', neither of which were available on YouTube. The author of the Nana Mizuki fic has linked a video within their story.)

There is also a table of links for all nominated songs, A-L and all nominated songs, M-Z, including lyrics.

Authors are anonymous for a bit over a week. Please consider checking out their stories and commenting on them.

And on a different note, I am about to go offline for a weekend for the immense fun and effort that is being camp cook to a Campaign Live Action Role Play game. I am definitely not coming down with a cold. Definitely. As usual, the food will be More Elaborate Than Necessary, although my associate cook and I have no plans to top last session, at which the GM groaned that I was providing food for an in-character wedding that was "more fancy than a real wedding".

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