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Speed Sydney update
SSar's Beast
Last day in Sydney. Still tethered to internet. It is a fault of mine. In fact, Joel is currently teasing me by saying that I have to give it up when he returns from looking out the window, and he is shuffling towards me with tiny, tiny steps.

Found a great bookstore yesterday: Gould's Arcade, with several storeys, a cat, and that signature smell of old bindings. Off to a talk at Sydney Observatory tonight. There has been much walking. Also board games, because Paul. There is some sort of metric to apply to Paul's estimate of how long a board game will take, somewhere between "add 2 hours" and "multiply by 2.5". I estimated 8 hours for Twilight Imperium, and it took 11 (I wasn't complaining. I had internet. I wrangled Jukebox). Merchant of Venus took about 4. Warrior Knights took 4. Fury of Dracula took 3, and to be fair that was, as promised, the shortest. But Paul agreed to a couple of teaching games of Go, so.

Possibly my favourite moment so far: Paul, Joel and I strolled into a tiny Newtown room that wasn't sure if it was a living room, a cafe, or a bookstore - it was lined with books, the motorcycle in the middle was piled with books, and they served you cheese toasties if you asked. "This," said Paul, "is the kind of place where you should expect to find So You Want To Be A Wizard." There are reasons Paul is my good friend.

Also the Powerhouse Museum, an incredibly delicious lentil burger, a tour of Fort Denison (island + Martello tower and barracks), Joss Whedon's Much Ado About Nothing - and Paul and I attempted to swim in our hostel's swimming pool, which was outdoors and FREEZING. Joel waved the Sucker Punch art book in front of me at Galaxy Books, and then looked surprised when I took him up on his offer of buying it for me.

I have so much work to do on the plane. This is another fault of mine. I am really bad at drawing boundaries between separate areas of my life, like "leisure" and "work". I never go on holiday without taking projects along. I took homework on our honeymoon (well I HAD to! You try organising a wedding while you're a student). The last time Mum and I were on a trip together, we spent an entire morning working on university essays together. But Joel and I have certifiably relaxed for this week.

Signally failed to catch up with a long-term friend in Sydney, though, oops. Sorry, J. I didn't really think ABOUT this holiday until it happened.

OK, time to unclip the internet. (No, Joel has not been shuffling all this time.)

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Some board games are like endless. Though now that I think about it, in comparison to open ended MMORPGs, they're like an eyeblink of time...only you can play MMORPGS over a long series of years but a boardgame kind of has to be finished in one or two sittings, if you're really competitive.

Now I'm wondering if there are online boardgames. I know you can play online chess, but I wonder if people play Monopoly online?

If you find SYWTBAW, you are obliged to share :) Right? Right?

I'm glad you're enjoying your vacation! I admit, when I go on vacation I tend to try to take on projects (if only because otherwise, when do I have the time to investigate daily life in 12th century France, I ask you?)

If only because otherwise, when do I have the time to investigate daily life in 12th century France, I ask you? - Exactly! Exactly this. Although some of the most interesting books I have found in my travels, I have not yet read, sad to say.

I think you can play Monopoly online. You can certainly play Go. And there are Facebook game versions of Scrabble and some other Scrabble variants.

I get irritated with board games that have a thousand tiny tokens - at least having it online would take care of that aspect.

Exactly! Or board games that have a million pieces of just stuff you have to move around or set up or transfer. The set-up time for Life was always really long, because you had to put together the mountains and spinning boards and stuff. I can't imagine playing that mousetrap game very often; it'd just take too long to get ready.

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