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SSar's Beast
Today I walked into the library to see a small, A4 poster announcing a question and answer session for the following Tuesday with one of my favourite YA authors, Isobelle Carmody. Unfortunately, next Tuesday I will be in Sydney with Paul and Joel.

(I checked. She only has one Wellington appearance. Pffffargh.)

Also, I just spilled coffee gloriously all over my desk. At least it was instant-granules coffee.

My coworker P: "Oh, it'll be exciting doing laundry this week!"
Me: "Really?"
P: "Yes! I do the tea towels. I get to soak them!"

So it seems I am blessed to be in the presence of someone who gets genuinely excited about soaking tea towels in water to avert coffee staining.

(Bemusement aside, P's pretty all right.)

Everything else is pretty OK and I should do a longer post. Media recently consumed: Gattaca, The Tempest, Merchants of Venus (sic), Code Name Verity, and coming up in my future is a recording of a ballet of Beatrix Potter.

I'm excited for Jukebox. It seems that saying to people who ask me what I am doing lately, "I am running a writing challenge based on music" is a slightly better conversational offer than "uh, fanfic." Not that I've been doing much writing lately. But by the time we head off to Sydney, I should have my Fic Corner assignment, so I can make some inroads on that in quiet moments.

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Oooh, Gattaca. I look forward to hearing your thoughts on that one. :)

Also, I just spilled coffee gloriously all over my desk.
The only way to spill is to spill gloriously. Accept no substitutes!

(psst it's LiveJournal, camelcaps. I think my time in support has warped me.)


Fair enough. I had to google camelcaps, but now I have a new typography term to play with and I am happy.

That reminds me of the truly glorious day I discovered Wikipedia had a whole bunch of typography pages, all linked together in those categories at the bottom of the page. OMG.


Whence comes your interest in typography?

Probably from calligraphy! But I also really liked handwriting in grade three, so IDK :P

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