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A trio of good things
SSar's Beast
Here's some things I'm doing at the moment:

Two baby birds flying from a nesting box. Text: Get It Done 2013

A Motivation-a-Thon: sign up (by the end of July) to finish That Project You Need Some Extra Motivation For. (Especially Whedon projects, but anything goes.) I've declared I'm going to write a lot of fic, mostly NYR stuff.


A Kids' and YA Book Fic Exchange

I have already nominated some picks! Nominations close July 21.

And finally, I'm launching Jukebox, my own exchange: a fanfic fest based on song requests. Ask for songs and get a story. ^!^

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Aww, those birds are so adorable!

What did you nominate for fic_corner? I can't wait for nominations to close (I think I may have been like the second person to nominate *cough*) and for assignments to go out.


Robin McKinley's Chalice - ha - The Twenty-One Balloons, by William Pène du Bois - Tanith Lee's Unicorn series (Black, Gold, Red) - and Isobelle Carmody's Alyzon Whitestarr.

I am also coordinating some other nominations with friends *looks mysterious*:
*Hounds of the Morrigan
*The Pirates’ Mixed-Up Voyage
*The Seven Kingdoms Trilogy
*Obernewtyn Chronicles

If someone doesn't get to them first, though.

I haven't actually read much Garth Nix, so I suspect your and my requests won't overlap much. Are you tempted to request Spindle's End fix-it fic?

Ahaha, okay.

Spindle's End fix-it--I guess it'll depend on how many requests we can make. I'm not sure I really want someone to fix it, instead of just writing a little story set in the world (because I loved the whimsy), totally ignoring the ending (because it hasn't happened yet or something.)

This is kinda weird, but do you know what happens in the opening scenes (like...the first three or five pages) in Obernewtyn? The name is just...arghh, when I was a kid I read like three pages of a book while at a dinner party, which belonged to the host's son, and all I remember is a) a telescope?? and b) the title being unpronounceable for me at a quick glance, and starting with O.

No telescopes apparent in Obernewtyn - it starts out with orphans in a post-apocalyptic setting. I hope you one day find the one you're after.

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