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Paddling madly below the surface (in theory)
SSar's Beast
At the moment I'm doing a lot of thinking about stories and very little writing of stories.

So. Accountability! A list of WiPs/intended stories and a goal: finish fifteen of these before Yuletide 2013.

[Working] Titles:
Whence Have All the Flowers Come?
Lilac Wine - 27th February 2015
The Princess and the Pearls
Chain Mail
Counting Chickens ‘Fore the Hatch
Fixity - 11th August 2013
The Circus of Last Scattering
Sister’s Keeper
talk to the hind
[ENTtDW, title redacted because spoiler for recipient]
The High Road
Other Forms of Boredom Advertised as Poetry
The Cake’s Halide
Between Blue and Gray - 22nd July 2015
Seafort on the Shore
Stars Against the Sun
Nothing Between Them - 21st June 2013
[redacted, exchange fic]
The Listening Hills
Jonathan Chant & Mr Carlisle
[up to six five stories for other exchanges/ideas]
(Regarding above - can now count Hollow Out the Truth and Hide Inside, Not Prime Time 2013 pinch hit, as one of those six, completed 1st July 2013)

The Changeover - Margaret Mahy; Look Around You; Tangled; Plants vs. Zombies; Sunshine - Robin McKinley; Danger 5; The Replacement - Brenna Yovanoff; Black Jewels Series - Anne Bishop; Portal; Mrs Dalloway - Virginia Woolf; Sucker Punch (2011); Machete (2010); The Door in the Air and Other Stories - Margaret Mahy; Seafort Saga - David Feintuch; Monkey Island; Charlotte's Web - E. B. White; Greek mythology; Fairy tales; Revolutionary Girl Utena; The Last Unicorn - Peter S. Beagle; redacted x 3; unknown

So let's see if I can come back and strike through a few of these. This entry is also posted at There are comment count unavailable comments. Please comment either here or there.

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Wow, that is quite a wide variety of fandoms. Yay more Sunshine fic! \o/

This may be why I am so happy at Yuletide!

Thanks! It's nice to know there are readers for more Sunshine fic. I hope more people come play in that sandbox, too. I really don't know how I turned around and suddenly there were five of them in my name.

edit:...although someone just posted a Buffy/Sunshine crossover a few days ago, so yay!

Edited at 2013-06-06 06:13 am (UTC)

Ooh, thank you for the link!

*waves pompoms*

What fic for The Last Unicorn?

A New Year's Resolution fic about Lir and Amalthea's doomed romance.

Thanks for the pompoms! ^!^

I am sooo torn on that pairing. I can't help but think that if Lír and Amalthea really do start something, Amalthea will never be a unicorn again, and I don't think I can handle that.

Indeed. You kind of have to break a few rules to get it to work. And Amalthea should go back to being a unicorn! Lir doesn't need her as a human THAT much! But I like prompts, so.

Sunshine! Portal! Fairy tales! Mythology! Yay!

And now I'd better write them...

How're you, by the way?

Well, that might not be bad. I signed up for a fest with 15K due in August. I haven't picked a fandom yet. WHOOPS.

Ok! Preoccupied by work and may need to get some perspective, but ok. You?

The space AU fest? Uh, good luck! Would Portal work for that?

Urk. Needing to get perspective on work sounds draining/unpleasant. Glad you're OK otherwise. I'm also all right - but last week's cold has turned into a totally different cold this week, and today my manager didn't even respond to my sheepish email saying "I think I'll stay home and beat this thing..." I am trying to think about writing instead. And it's cold and my feet are numb. /whine.

Currently reading C. S. Lewis's The Discarded Image, to go with having recently finished Till We Have Faces, and really enjoying it.

I don't think Portal would even be much of an AU? We never see outside until the end. Also it would basically be like playing Paranoia. Which is awesome, to be fair...

TOTALLY RELATED to that, I am currently entertaining the ideas of: Generation Kill, Girl Genius, and St Trinian's. Or a mashup thereof. For 15000 words. Ohshit.

(I have never written anything like that much. I can't sustain a plot that long.)

I suppose you're right that Portal wouldn't be AU enough. I just thought the threat of vacuum sounded like a fun one to add to Portal's other hazards.

Oh, Paranoia! I need to have another game of that. I tried ONCE, died four times during character creation (it took me a while to cotton on!), and then our poor GM gave up in disgust because I and the other player were being too sycophantic to him.

I.. have vaguely heard of all three of those, but I do get the sense that none of those things are much like the others?

(Actually, upon googling, Generation Kill looks like something I might enjoy watching. Will get back to you.)

Hit "add" too soon, sorry!

I'm sorry you are sick! That sounds wretched. Is it terribly cold there? It seems unfair we can't swap a bit of our seasons, really. Get something reasonable for everyone.

That sounds interesting. I have never read either. I think I may only have ever read Narnia of his. Hum. G's mom offered me a copy of one or another at one point; his parents are Rather Religious in a way that leads to us not speaking about such things (them and I, not he and I), but CS Lewis seems like he ought to be interesting.

It's not terribly cold - it's just starting to feel that way. *squints at Google converter* It was about 40*F this morning?

Till We Have Faces was enjoyable to me as a mythological remix. I'm agnostic. I have enjoyed some of Lewis's more overtly Christian books (such as The Screwtape Letters), as fiction, more than some other agnostics and atheists I know. Very variable in the mileage, so it's hard for me to recommend on that basis. Although one can take the Christian allegory in Till We Have Faces with a heaping of salt, it's impossible to fully get away from it. But: mythology remix starring a character who's originally a villain!

The Discarded Image is much drier - it's a collection of essays about a medieval common view of how the world worked, where "Medieval" seems to be centred in the 13th-15th centuries, in England. The prose is lovely - I might post some excerpts later - and I'm learning a lot. For readers who took Classics in university, there would be much less unfamiliar material. I didn't, but I did read Chaucer, which is proving useful too.

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