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(no subject)
SSar's Beast
It is a quiet Saturday. I have a sore throat and squeak when I try to talk. However, my flatmates have spent the last two months with near-continuous chest infections, coughs, and other complaints, so I'm getting off lightly. I am enjoying sitting on the couch reading books. Books!

Joel has kindly gone off to the supermarket for soup ingredients and cat food.

N came into the lounge. I waved a book at her. "Have you read this?" I asked, and then I went off on a brief rant about it.

"Are you reading that for fanfiction?" she asked. "Whenever you're reading a dodgy book it's usually for fanfiction."

...She is correct in this and many things.

Then my other flatmate, having gone out the back door for a walk, passed the lounge window, and spent a good five minutes playing peek-a-boo through the window with our cat.

Life is good.

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