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(no subject)
SSar's Beast
I love that I have friends to whom I can say, "Phonemes are assigned to many different morphemes," and it will make sense to them (even though that is a bit incoherent. We were talking about kanji that can map onto the same sounds).

When I get to use my linguistics degree, it feels more generally useful and connected than when I get to use my English literature degree. (The linguistic contexts are often unexpected; the English lit ones are not.) Being able to use either of them makes me feel very grateful, though.

Relevant: some of my old academic friends have started up an Old English reading group. We met last Anzac Day and read the poem 'The Panther'. I have learned the Old English word 'wudubledum', which is '[of/to] forest blossoms' (plural, dative). Isn't it pretty?