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To tlanniquer
SSar's Beast
Why Not to Have a Birthday Party at McKenzies House

~Fire of any kind is forbidden.
~There exist people who need to have birthday candles on a birthday cake at a birthday party.
~When those people follow their urges, Destiny kicks in and causes the fire alarm to go off at 12:40am.
~As they gather with everyone else in the cold, windy carpark, and watch the firemen check out the building, they will also see a lone golden balloon drift slowly over a fire engine, turning reddish in the flashing lights, and tying up the themes of the incident rather neatly, as if they'd been written in.

Why My Parents Are Cool

In my most recent email to my parents, I wrote out a Philosophy problem from my last tutorial, for Mum to have a go at. In her reply, she wrote out her approach to the problem, worked through it busily, and then put at the bottom,

"That was fun."

Why it is Good to take Aikido with a Friend

~When you finish the class in covert tears because you're terribly bad and can't follow the movements and don't know what the heck you're doing and , then he can

a) put up with your whining
b) cheer you up
c) tell you not to give up
& d) drag you off to show you what you're supposed to be doing.

Why University People are Cool

~The woman sitting next to me in my Thursday English lecture told me about her class assignment to write a villanelle, and promised to show me her completed effort
~Luke challenged me to form a sentence in the future perfect passive subjunctive, and actually knew what he was talking about (I LOVE THESE LANGUAGE STUDENTS!)
~I lost my wallet today, and someone actually handed it in. Then the Lost Property office actually EMAILED me to tell me they had it. They have the technology, dude.

Why to Take Heed of Your Dreams

~Mine last night involved a businesslike-looking woman telling me not to be so angsty. And I think she had a point.

I randomly scrolled through old writing files today and got some new ideas for an old short story. Got a letter from Suse yesterday. Got a letter from Lexie today, just after I'd posted one. Jen, Pip, if you're reading this, I can't wait to see you again.

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It's so good to hear from you again, dear Morbane. You're always so neatly witty and your entries are always such a delight to read as regards spelling and grammar. Of course, that means that writing a comment for you is fraught with the fear that one is being terribly ungrammatical.

But then your dream lady pops up and tells me to stop being so angsty.

Goodness me - 'tis your birthday soon, is it not? I have been a bad Buneater and forgotten the exact day and am hoping you will be a good Morbane and remind me.

Well, you know that I receive compliments awkwardly, but you seem to have found a way around that by the use of stately and elegant phrasing. For example, rare are those who use the word 'fraught', yet you are among them.

My dream lady was terribly cheerful and unfeeling. She was telling me that I ought to be cheering other people up.

Yes - April 7th. Sigh.

I thought it was, but I just wanted to make sure.

*writes invisible compliment for Morbane*

Morbane can not help but be a good Morbane. It is quite natural for her. Yes, ES thinks she's clever...

It is natural for ES to be clever.

Yes when is Morbane's birthday?

*Resists temptation to say 'I can't wait to see you again more!'.

(We have to talk about that by the way. I might stay here. I'm gonna go update on this matter in a sec.)

And SSar's birthday, you three (and you too, young/getting older SSar, as if you need reminding) is April the seventh. Which is Wednesday, in NZ.

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