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Tater Cater Co
SSar's Beast
It's nearly time for 33AR again!

"33AR" means "thirty-three years after Ragnarok". It's the name of a campaign LARP run by my friends - now in its second session and second year, so technically, it's 34AR now - whose central idea is that in the year 1873, demons were unleashed upon the world through an unholy tear across dimensions. Chaos ensued. Various personages of importance managed to get to a major refugee camp on the isle of Skye, where they eke out a living, conduct arcane experiments, plot military manoeuvres, and so forth.

I am not a character. I am the out-of-character cook whose job it is to keep 50 people, mostly my friends, fed for a weekend at a camp facility in the countryside. I was nervous last time, because I'd never tried to organise food for so many people before, but it went pretty well and I'm really looking forward to round two (of a planned six, over three years in total).

Mostly for my own reference, here are the menus for 33AR: September 2012, and 33AR: April 2013. Maybe you will find them of interest on general cooking principles. I was taking into account people with restrictions on gluten and animal products. No one's put themselves down as vegan or lactose intolerant this time (and we're a week out). I may have to re-jig a couple of things if they do.

Saturday 22 September Breakfast
-Diced roasted potatoes
-Baked sausages
-Fresh fruit (oranges, apples)
-Canned fruit
-Tea and coffee

Saturday 22 September Lunch
-Tuscan bean/tomato soup
-Carrot & coconut & coriander soup

Saturday 22 September Dinner
-Roast vegetables
-Roast pork
-Stuffed mushrooms

Dessert: Apple crumble

Sunday 23 September Breakfast
-Leftover pork roast, repurposed
-Diced roast potatoes

Sunday 23 September Lunch
-Soup (my spare lentil salad, repurposed!)
-Vegetarian nachos

Saturday 6 April Breakfast
-Vegetarian egg/potato/cheese frittata

Saturday 6 April Lunch
-Soup, probably tuscan bean & tomato
-Soup, probably the lentil and French onion one I invented last time

Saturday 6 April Fancy Afternoon Tea
(This is for a "wedding" between two of the characters. I am afraid it may be derailed by Plot and Drama, so we'll see. But I have been asked to make it a little bit fancy and English.)
-Cucumber sandwiches
-Pancake jam rolls
-Crackers, vegetable sticks, spreads/dips like hummus, salami
-Orange and poppy seed scones
-Mini beef meatballs.

Saturday 6 April Dinner
-Baked tarragon chicken
-Fried rice
-Baked potatoes (toppings to be decided; I have lots of cheese)
-Carrot salad

Dessert: Chocolate mousse

Saturday 6 April Late-Night-After-Ball Snacks
-leftover snacks from wedding afternoon tea (especially if the wedding gets plot-derailed)
-pre-packaged curry triangle pastries

Sunday 7 April Breakfast
-Diced roasted potatoes

Sunday 7 April Lunch
-Soup (cumin/cheese/potato)
-Cake (it's my birthday)
-We'll see. Hopefully it'll be as successful this time as last time to base Sunday lunch on the remaining leftovers and ingredients.