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In which Hitler humour leads to more Hitler humour, which is mildly concerning
SSar's Beast
A stressful day at work today was followed by a nice dinner with me, Paul, and Joel, and a movie (I have steak / roast beef with béarnaise sauce down to a fine art.)

We watched Iron Sky, on my request, because for a recent exchange I'd written a Danger 5 story which had a Nazi moon base as a plausible outcome, and when my recipient expressed amused interest in this idea, I immediately wondered if I could use Iron Sky for some kind of manip. I don't actually think I can, but.

I enjoyed Iron Sky*. I enjoyed it because it was not at all what I was expecting. The humour was far more on-key than I was bracing for, even though there were very jarring moments (who throws 'Kristallnacht' into an epithet chain and expects to get away with it? Washington's confrontation with his 'brothers' was a bit painful too).

I think I liked it for a couple of narrative twists that really pleased me, and for moments that played equally well as horror and humour at the same time. The space Nazis' reaction to a black interloper worked as a depressingly dehumanising scene, while also being played knowingly in the key of "they so backward". Shit, and giggles. I also fell unironically in love with Peta Sergeant's opportunistic, selfish, petty character, to the point that I probably wasn't supposed to, and thought that her chemistry with the main villain was pretty spectacular.

(There is no fanfic. Ha.)

And I suppose Sarah Palin jokes are rather overdone, but the rest of the geopolitic satire amused me. That wasn't subtle either, but: resonant humour again.

And speaking of geopolitical satire that is not in the least kind to the USA, I'm not going to be on a camp-Nazi binge forever. After watching Iron Sky, the movie I most want to see again is Chile Puede. Nazis in space are easily, for me, trumped by Apollo 13 as a South American comedy, beautifully-awfully subbed.


*I don't think Iron Sky is an objectively excellent movie. I liked some of the plot twists, but at key points, the plot fell back entirely on trope expectations (see everything concerning the Gotterdammerung, for example). There was a certain lack of character development (or in the case of Washington and Kortzfleisch, even character dimension). People with more sensitivity and historical awareness than me may find it far less successful in the humour it tried for. I found it good fun and successful in some aspects that made it worth it for me.

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Your comments on Iron Sky match with what I've been told about it. I would like to see it some day, but am in no particular rush.

Precisely. Enjoyable, but not in any must-see subset.

(And when I say I'm off the camp Nazi binge, I showed half of Danger 5 to a group of friends the other night, am hoping they're keen enough to ask me for the rest, and am currently working on another fic in that universe. Unfortunately, it's a crossover with Virginia Woolf's Mrs Dalloway, which I gather is not one you know.)

No, I have not read Mrs Dalloway, but I approve on principle of all cracky crossovers with Danger 5.

I read the wikipedia summary after this, and I have to say I have no idea what just went into my brain. o_O

Nazis in space with a side of political satire as written by Aussies and Finns? Anything like that? ^!^

TBH, it mostly stuck in my head because when it came out here, quite a few of my friends went to see it (including my Canadian then-flatmate) and came back saying things along the lines of "ha, not so bad."

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