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no good, very bad... not so horrible day
SSar's Beast
Managed to put myself through the wringer due to something going annoyingly wrong at work yesterday. I left work at 11pm (my usual hours at SPP are 12:30pm~5pm, okay?), got home too exhausted and tense to sleep, woke up this morning exhausted and in pain, made it to both my jobs...

What would have been smart would have been going to Sam H's place after my morning job and just curling up on his bed all afternoon. He'd have been home some of the time, and his flatmates are incredibly casual about people going and coming in that house. I'd have caught some sleep, felt comforted, and been up for my evening plans with Pip and Sam H and Paul.

Instead I left work at 4pm, staggered home, cancelled all my plans, slept, woke up again at 8pm, and felt human enough after a shower to go back into town to find Sam H and Paul again. That was nice, actually. Paul had had a rough two days and was visibly uplifted by his friends. I gave him a back massage (though my hands are now complaining, huh.) The three of us and Regan drifted out to the waterfront (in case the huge pod of dolphins in the harbour this morning was still around). A huge yellow moon was just coming up over the shoulder of Mt Victoria. The air was balmy. It was nice.

My neck/back/shoulders, throat (why??), and hands still hurt a lot, but N kindly let me use her voltaren, so I hope I'll be able to to get to sleep. And Joel's back tomorrow.

It's good I have such understanding friends; everyone was very sympathetic about something I, basically, did to myself. Ah well.

Some of my favourite things today have been fanfic-related: I got two unexpected, pleasant comments on my Sunshine fic, and a challenge recipient of mine posted to say, "Oh, this thing that recently happened in a TV show is such a narrative kink of mine!"

Their comment:
"One of my bulletproof narrative kinks in coming of age stories is about that need to protect your parents from all the dangerous and scary things out there in the world, because you know your parents can’t protect you."

My story:
[Jack and the Beanstalk] is about how your dad stood for Good and your mom stands for Good too, but she can’t really fix what’s wrong with the world - no, for that, you have to grow up and be brutal and make morally grey decisions like whether to kill the giantess too (she saved you - but she’ll eat your friends.) And it’s all on you.

Oh yes! And a very good internet friend of mine told me she has just been offered a job. Way to go, universe.

Now let me SLEEP.

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I'm glad some things are going right, and hope there aren't too many more 11pm ends in your future :(

Thanks, hon. Being at your house for dinner that night would also have been a lot smarter. If I could have managed it. Did you end up using up the sesame beef?

I tried...but I think I was half a day too late. I didn't trust it enough, so threw it away :(

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