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SSar's Beast
I don't post a lot nowadays but I do read everyone's journals and decide that we're all sad at the moment, which sucks. :) I think I'm going to thank myself now for tautology. Tautology, by the way, is a nice fancy word for redundancy and also sounds like the Greek-derivative word for the study of monsters, teratology (Well, I think that's it). Anyway, when I accuse myself of tautology, that means I've repeated myself unnecessarily. And if you were counting, you'd have noticed that I didn't repeat myself, because I only said we were sad once. But you see, I didn't need to say it for it to be said. It's just floating in the air...

*shake of head, re-configuration* Back to my normal life, okay? So there's Aikido, which is confusing, and there are not-nice people and nice people and complicated people. Every one of the seven computers at Unicomm seems to have its own personal quirkflaw. This one has a blurry screen and loads slowly. The one on the right doesn't have MSN, and we're not allowed to download software. The one further along has a truly awful space key. (permanently half-depressed). The one behind that always freezes, and so on.

I missed NightSong at the bus stop for the second week in a row. ...Um, I guess I'll just try again?... Hm.

My mother called me at half past nine - and wouldn't have reached me if I hadn't decided to sleep in and miss a Philosophy lecture. (What? I was exhausted. If I'd gone to Philosophy, I would have fallen asleep there. Same diff.) It was a good thing she called, because I'd forgotten she would be in Wellington today. So I saw her for half an hour. I did get to introduce her to Mint, who looked surprised when I appeared out of nowhere with a parental figure, but coped admirably with such an invasion. (As you do. One glitter point to Mint.) Apparently I'm keeping Dad happy by emailing him, so must dredge up more of my mundane life to talk about.

Need to write more letters. People to whom I currently owe letters:

Alex B
Mandy B
Wendy (need to write a birthday letter)

And AAARGH! I have an email from D! Understand: This is not a bad thing. This is a way-too-good thing. I keep owing her emails and it keeps getting worse and they're always good emails with bits of fics and piccies she's drawn and..... aaargh... GUILT-TRIP... Now, D Spire is an example of a way-too-nice person.

Oh, and hahah! Raichu got the Italian translation of Melting done. Now you can read one of my fanfics in a language I don't even speak. I'm really proud of this. I mean - a Pokéfan liked one of my stories enough to translate it, and that feels like a high compliment to me. Here...

The original is at and is good old angsty Pokémon fanfic.

But, back to you lot -

Uh, with full understanding that it's an angsty thing to say, which sounds suspiciously as if I'm saying it for effect, I'm going to mutter, "I know it's just irritating and irrelevant, but I do care about you, even if that doesn't seem like it matters very much." There. That was splendid. ^!^ Very over-the-top.

All Halo.

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I am SO sorry. I had Passengers auditions both Tuesdays, and because you don't have a cellphone or anything I can get on short notice I couldn't tell you. I am sorry.

*hugs* Don't worry about it! :)

Wow - you've been translated now. That makes you kind of official. I had a look at the page, where you are referred to as an 'autrice'. He he! Fantastic.

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