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Woo! Purimgifts!
SSar's Beast
All Purimgifts stories have been revealed! (Author reveals are tomorrow.)

I got a lovely series: Through Darkness and Through Light. It is explicit fic based on the fairy tale East of the Sun, West of the Moon, and when I say 'based on', I really mean it. This is a wonderful combination of sex and story, and that makes me so happy.

The author also put together a gorgeous art set: a detailed illustration from a print version of the story, their own drawing of one of their scenes, and two black and white photos of couples in intimacy.

Both of my recipients (1 + pinch hit) have been enthusiastic and gracious about the stories I wrote for them - yay. All in all - win.

This year's FAQ, rules, and background about the exchange, for those of you who are interested

I felt pretty nervous about this exchange, just in terms of doing several challenging things at once:

-making graphics
-writing several stories at once for the same canon (or several connected arcs)
-participating in an event based on traditions I am not part of

I got through OK, though not without making it fairly hard for myself at points along the way. I might post about that later: things for me to remember Not To Do in a new gift exchange.

Feeling pretty cheerful right now, though.