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Yay Purimgifts
SSar's Beast
Dear Purimgifts author-artist,

This is the first time I've signed up to this exchange. Anything you write/illustrate for me will feel delightful. I'm afraid my selection of fandoms is a bit all over the place. Really, I like lots of things! Loyalty! Crack! Bittersweetness! Black humour! Getting deeper into the way a canon works! Moments that are happy! I don't have any large triggers, and this is a happy fest, so I highly doubt you will write a fic that makes me deeply uncomfortable. You will probably make me grin.

Kinks (sexual and non-sexual) are fine; various gender identities and pairings/groupings are fine. I prefer villain characters to be either fleshed out and human, or, if they're impossible to empathise with, I'd love that taken with a grain of salt/irony/black humour.

Above all, I hope you enjoy what you make.

Dollhouse - this is the only one of my fandoms I think really needs a note, because while it is full of great women characters (with possibilities for Jewish characters, even if not explicitly stated), Joss and Eliza seemed to think it is the Echo Show, and I'd like to politely disagree. Maybe you have an awesome Echo-centric idea and you think you can totally bring me around to liking her: great. Go for it. But if you're diffident, please try someone else. I like general world building, including original characters. Of the cast, I particularly like Whiskey. I like Adelle. Heck, I like Priya and November and Ivy and Bennett and even Caroline-as-Caroline too. The list goes on. :)

Babylon 5 - there is Ivanova and she is awesome. Other stuff is cool too. Other people are cool too. Centauri/Narn vizier parallel stories? Whatever you like!

Fairy Tales and Related Fandoms - Whatever you think works in this challenge. I always enjoy reading a selection of the Yuletide offerings in this canon because there's so much scope for creativity.

The last three fandoms are ones I realise I'm unlikely to get fic for, but it can't hurt to ask, right?

Sunshine -Robin McKinley - I just played around in this canon for Yuletide and loved it. There are a tonne of great women, and there is also scope for Jewish characters in the background*. I would eat any kind of worldbuilding up with a spoon.

Batman 1966 series - This series has AMAZINGLY out-there villains. Could there maybe be an Evil Vizier villain? But there are also fun women characters (often villains), as well as Aunt Heather, for whom I have a soft spot. I'm more familiar with seasons 1 and 2; if you use a character after that, please leave me pointers so that I can quickly acquaint myself with the canon you used. ^!^

Elemental Masters -Mercedes Lackey - Yay fairy tales again? The books I've read in this setting are The Fire Rose, The Serpent's Shadow, The Gates of Sleep, Phoenix and Ashes, and Reserved for the Cat (though I have dim memories of that last one). I'm also currently reading Unnatural Issue.

I really hope this isn't too demanding. I will add more popular fandoms if I'm taking too Yuletide-appropriate an approach and I'm unlikely to get matched here. But I promise, if a fandom's on this list, I'll be delighted to get fic for it.

*Sunshine's universe is much more secular than our own, though it does have hints of Hindu and even occasionally Norse gods. The main setting is an alternate America, and I personally have a hard time imagining America without monotheist influences; in my headcanon, Judaism and Christianity are both present in this world, but the latter has a far smaller following than is the case in our world. (In my headcanon, Mrs Bialosky is Jewish. But use/ignore that however you like.) TL;DR: in my headcanon, Sunshine is our America but magical, Christianity is a minority religion, and that's all I know. Sorry if my headcanon throws you off. Ignore AT WILL.