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Failwife Friday
SSar's Beast
I'm not going to explain the title. It's just a "look at your life, look at your choices," moment I'm having here.

Also, I sat down to regain some mental balance by:

a) insta-composing a "comfort music" playlist, and
b) doing some of my take-home vocab development work for SPP (such as when I look at 'diarrhoea' and wonder whether I can get away with saying 'runny poo' in a definition for ten year olds)

And then I put the insta-playlist on random, and then after about six songs, the original song I'd wanted to huddle into came on ('Collect Call', by Metric. There's just something really trusting and hopeful about "I know it's a lie, I want it to be true. The rest of the ride, is riding on you." (I have a strong association between trust and relaxation, okay?)). I was struck by a minor brainwave: I need to create work playlists where of about ten~fifteen songs, one song is a song during which I'm allowed to stop work, check facebook, check fanfic sites, etc. So I put on the playlist, set it to random, and work. And if I'm hitting my stride in the work I'm doing, I can skip past that song.

An obvious problem with this approach is that I've just cycled back to the start of 'Collect Call' for the second time. And 'regular breaks' is not a new concept to anyone. But at least if I randomized the break points, I wouldn't be watching the clock. Well, maybe.
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I like the idea of having a little trigger to reflect on other needs set to appear randomly.

Thanks! Yeah, the idea is that it should be a pleasant surprise when it comes up.

How are you?

Okay I reckon. I'm kinda all in at my new job, which is positive as a career thing, and exhausting personally. Waiting on my next bit of immigration stuff to process (again, a little emotionally exhausting.) But, hey! if we can get past that point we're gonna move and get a damn cat. That would be delightful.

Really glad to hear that the cat is pinned to the map of your future. We just got a cat; I should post pictures (ginger and white shorthair). She has fitted into our lives beautifully, though there are now lots of conversations that go, "Can you do X thing?" / "Sure. If Ria lets me get up."

How was the transition to your new job? Relatively smooth? I remember there were some office politics that had to be worked through before the transition. Does it feel like the stated job responsibilities, on paper, and the actual responsibilities match up this time?

It's been good. I ended up getting offered 2 jobs at once and took the one with fewer ruffles and better pay. I have been really engrossed in it and productive and hopefully making some big positive changes for the project. Super tired though. super tired.

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