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Yuletide is over!
SSar's Beast
Yes, I realise it's the eighteenth of January. But Yuletide is only really over now, because I finished this:

Goading Their Ghosts Into the Howling Snow (8224 words) by Morbane
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Obernewtyn Chronicles - Isobelle Carmody
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warning: Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Major Character Death
Characters: Dameon (Obernewtyn), Elspeth Gordie, Cameo (Obernewtyn), Matthew (Obernewtyn), Sharna (Obernewtyn), Selmar (Obernewtyn)
Summary: I told myself that whatever Ariel guessed from my expression as I had looked out at the mountains, he could not possibly know we were plotting an escape that very night. ... But we did not go that night, for at [nightmeal], Sly Willie came for Cameo, and there was nothing any of us could do but watch as she was led away…

A numb self-sacrifice of the weakest? No.

What if they had escaped together? An alternate course of events for the last quarter of Obernewtyn.

I was intrigued when alianne requested Cameo in 2011.
Then alianne signed up with that request again last year, and I even got to flail with them in chat: 'Cameo! Yay!'.
Then I got alianne's pinch hit.
Then I panicked because Obernewtyn was out of the library, and asked Dad to courier the books to me from Auckland. (Which is the kind of favour he likes doing, so that worked out as a good bonding moment.)
Then I wrote alianne a totally different story based on their easy pick-up canon, because I'd ALSO had a bunny for that since reading their letter.
But that was mostly to ensure I didn't have to default, because that assignment was MINE. MINE.

And now, thanks to some cheerleading from #yulechat, especially certain people, and thanks to a beta rescue mission from kurushi (in two long sessions over two nights), I have a fic that 'fixes' the last quarter of a book. With plot and stuff. [For example, I fixed it so that...]For example, Cameo and Selmar and Sharna DON'T DIE.

This isn't even a "go read this now" message. For one thing, I tried to imitate the author's prose style, and it's definitely not for everyone. kurushi and I had several moments of, 'That phrase is awkward.'/'Yeah, but in this style, you can get away with it.'/'True.'

But I am super crazily happy that I finished this story: it's possibly my longest yet, it's a fic I can tick off my WIPs, and it gives me hope that I can finish other ambitious stories.