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Trope Bingo challenge, etc
SSar's Beast
I am very nearly finished with The Last Absolutely Required Fic For Yuletide (and my dad has been emailing me to say 'you know those books are due back on the 29th, right,' which is actually pretty helpful of him). Except 'nearly finished' means 'they are just about to get up to the climactic scene where everything goes to pot', which probably means another 2,000 words.

But meanwhile: Trope Bingo card!

secret twin / doppelganger cross-dressing fusion au: circus wingfic
soul bonding / soulmates locked in secret child au: neighbors virginfic / secretly a virgin
au: band au: coffee shop FREE

au: all-human in vino veritas / drunkfic
day at the beach animal transformation au: apocalypse poker/strip poker au: other
au: daemons celebratory kiss snowed in secret relationship alpha / beta / omega

Because I don't have enough to write, apparently.

Actual fic priority list:

Goading Their Ghosts Into the Howling Snow
One of Many Circles
that Sunshine crack fic that doesn't have a title in my head
Butterfly Storm (working title)
The Circus of Last Scattering

...And various others I probably shouldn't even talk about because I'll NEVER WRITE THEM. At least all of the above* have a significant chunk typed out.

*well, One of Many Circles doesn't, but. I've thought about it often enough that it feels that way.