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when the year too dies
SSar's Beast
I'm long overdue for a proper post.

I'd divide this year roughly into thirds. The first third, approximately Jan-May, I was working three jobs, terrified but convinced I could do everything, planning novels, and enjoying the stability of a two-couple three-bedroom living arrangement.

In the second third of the year, my work for Jason had ended, I was coming to some home truths in my work for Sydney, and I was getting super, super jaded about my work for SPP. But there were social things that made up for that. I sorted out some problems I was having with my existing friendships, and I started an intimate friendship with a wonderful person who hadn't really been on my radar until this year. John and Nik broke up, which I guess isn't a me thing, but it was significant for the flat.

The last third starts from when I went part-time at SPP and stabilised my part-time hours for Sydney. The time that that freed up has gone almost totally to Yuletide: anticipation, then all levels of participation. It's funny how little there is to show for that in product. But perhaps I'll save that for another post. Meanwhile, we're in this flat for another year: me and Joel and Nik and X?, where X is probably James. We got a cat, one week ago. Given the lifespans of cats, that may be the most significant thing I've done all year.

Now: Nik just asked me what I was going to do with the rest of the holiday, now that Yuletide's over. I looked at her blankly and divided up my priorities between "more Yuletide" (writing NYRs, commenting on more fics) and "preparation for work in the New Year". I'm really sick of feeling underprepared at work. ('Oh gods, how do I even start to write this marketing proposal? How the hell do I encode 'handwritten fragments' in TEI? What do I need to learn about using the iPad in the classroom or to deliver presentations? How do I improve my project budgets? What's everyone doing in digital humanities that a) I can understand and b) is relevant to me?')

(But I don't just live my life between boxes marked Internet and Work! I promise! I even cleaned the bathroom yesterday! Today Joel and I went off to see Marian, who's house-sitting in Kapiti, along with Alex and Steph, and we had a picnic by the beach then watched half of Brave. See!?)

And my good friend Susy is staying with us until Friday morning. The fact that, as a good host, I need to hand the computer over to her at regular intervals has helped wean me from Yuletide. A little. OH BUT I NOW HAVE A SMARTPHONE, THANKS TO JOEL'S WORKMATES AND THEIR WEAKNESS FOR MY CAKES.

This year will ideally contain: exercise, more books, acquiring job-related and life-enriching skills, love. Structured writing activity. Enough free time that I can jump at possibilities as they occur to me - instead of my usual mode, which is to commit to a million things and work them off slowly, late, & inflexibly.

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Eventful year was indeed eventful ^^ I have full faith in you :)

You can remind me to do more work prep at home and I can ask you how you've stretched your mind recently. ^!^

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