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(no subject)
SSar's Beast
I feel really excited and inspired and regretful all at once at the end of National Digital Forum's 2012 conference. I think the constant was a wish: "I want to understand this! I want to be able to play in this field!" (And, quieter but also more universal, "I want to have something to say to these people!")

This is kind of a placeholder for two things:

one, I really need to write up all my notes from the conference in order to help me process/learn/remember the things I heard - I think it's true for everyone that if you don't get things when you first hear them, you will forget them far faster than things you do understand. There were a lot of things at the conference that made me think, "I don't get that, but it sounds like something I might want to know about."

two, I want to do some thinking about my hobbies and goals and the way I organise my life towards the skills and qualities I want to have (or, right now, don't). Every now and then I think "I want to have a comprehensive strategy for what would happen to my possessions AND my online presence if something drastic happened to me." Every now and then I think, "my poor bicycle. I'd feel so much more powerful if I could fix and ride it." So I want to do some writing about that.

But I enjoyed the conference. I felt very important, and painfully shy, and amused, and fascinated, and more aware of interesting things that are happening.

I want to catch up to all of it!