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Of wedges and crescents
SSar's Beast
Today: partial solar eclipse!

Joel and I set off for our respective days with solar shades, and as well as looking at the phenomenon through them, I really enjoyed the surprise and appreciation whenever someone borrowed mine. Now I have seen the sun turned into a crescent, and, at the maximum coverage point, seen the sun and moon as if shapes overflowing each other with liquid metal. Neat.

Joel's boss was back in the office this week, so I made the office a carrot cake. They sent me back a box of chocolates and a nice note. There were reports of office members sneaking into the kitchen to eat more cake, only to be found out by other office members. This pleases me.

Talked to Susy and Pip and Sam H today, and I'll be seeing Steph for a lunchtime jaunt tomorrow, and after work, Chris'll come around for dinner. Social quotient: yes.

Now to read all the things and plan Yuletide fics.