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Minigolf & yuletide
SSar's Beast
Some general good things lately:

I spent most of the three-day weekend on a giant cleaning binge, as John had just moved out. I now have a new context for 'OMGWTFBBQ'... but happily, I got it clean just in time for Sam S to buy it and pick it up. (Thank you Sam!)

The next weekend, I determined that we should Do Something with a day, so Joel and I had a fairly fabulous outing - we walked into town, took the no. 7 bus to the end of Kingston, and took a path that led over the hill into Happy Valley. It was a nice, gradual path, zig-zagging down a hill covered in gorse and purple daisies and the occasional foxglove. Amazing view out to the Strait, too.

At the bottom of the hill was a mini-golf course organised around giant scrap-metal sculptures. We had a fun game (I won, but not by much) and walked out through the valley to Owhiro Bay. A nice lunch was followed by a walk around the beach to Island Bay, and a convenient bus home. We don't do a lot of things like that - Joel and I tend to focus on the internet when we're home, hah - so it was a really nice change.

Last weekend: Yuletide assignment! Which doesn't sound as though it should take up a whole weekend, and okay, it didn't, but I was pretty preoccupied on Saturday, and hung out at a writing group on Sunday. Sunday evening, krastakin came around, and we did a bit of canon review for her assignment.

Monday was Guy Fawkes night - I'm not out with the group much lately (bad SSar, lazy!) but this was a lot of fun. Especially because of the nasty weather. There were about fifteen of us huddled close together in a group of concrete sculptures at the tip of Oriental Bay, a couple of hundred metres from the fireworks barges. Fantastic view. Freezing wind. I hadn't dressed for the occasion, and my hands turned very interesting colours. You know that feeling in your hands when the outer layer of nerves is numb, so that when you touch the back of your hand with your other hand's finger, it feels like you're touching your hand through a layer of velvet? That.

It's well underway. I need to organise some write-ins! And a host of other things today. Various dramatic things: someone I wanted to write a treat for signed up in the very last half-hour of official sign-ups. Someone I've had beta interactions before also signed up - requesting a fandom we have in common! W00t, more treat potential. And someone I was already writing a treat for replied to something I'd said in a totally different, innocent context, and this amuses me because LITTLE DO YOU KNOW.

I have already completed one treat, though I'll let it sit for a few days before giving it a more critical eye. I feel happy about that. I love getting writing done, and I love the idea of writing as gifts, but it seems to take a lot of impetus to get me actually producing things.

My assignment... hm. My recipient has given me more leeway than I expected, and I tend to work better with lots of crazy detail. So I'm mulling over some ideas. I might write a treat I'd already planned in the same fandom, as a way of warming up and luring bunnies to me.

Oh yes. And people are already asking me to beta things! Yay!

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Guy Fawkes was fun (and very cold)! That mini-golf place you visited, that was where my mother tripped over a sculpture earlier this year whilst on a long walk and ended up breaking her arm. As she says she was "attacked by modern art".

Oh right! Gosh. I had forgotten your mother broke her arm this year.

It did look like the kind of place, going in, where one would be well advised to be current on one's tetanus shots.

Yeah she had to have a booster after that accident.

It's been good spending time with you lately ^^ I really enjoy your company

Yay! That's so nice of you.

I feel like I spent the first half of the year almost shut away, and I'm gradually managing to hang out with my friends again. Especially, yay for having two half-jobs instead of a job and a half (or, sometimes, a job and two other half jobs)

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