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Happy Birthday, Yirry, 2012
SSar's Beast
I was really surprised by Looper, and not in a good way - it hit all of my squicks. I don't have triggers so much (and am grateful), but if you hit someone with lots of things they find uncomfortable in quick succession they will do what I did, which is gulp and sob and become very nauseated throughout the movie. Joel asked me several times if I wanted to leave, and we were in the middle of a row, so every time I shook my head quickly no, and covered my ears and eyes for that scene; I only realised afterwards he might have been asking for his own benefit as well as mine. They did something with the time travel concept that I found a little lazy, too (she sniffs).

But, ugh - I really do not like harm to hands. Which I irrationally associate with very unsafe and uncomfortable drug use. Which was also present! I think I first lost it when a drastic torture scene cut to a comfortable brothel with a slinky naked lady - I can deal with torture scenes in brief, and I sometimes enjoy my films to have slinky naked ladies - but the juxtaposition was like the director saying And back to our regularly scheduled programming and it was just NOOOO.

Harm to hands was a repeated theme. Then there was significant self-mutilation, drug use and abuse, someone being shot in the stomach then casually burned alive off-screen, psychotic children, harm to children, people being telekinetically exploded from the inside in slow motion... There was even a casual reference to minor eye harm as though the writer had a gorram Bingo sheet. Okay: there was no sexualised violence. And no animal harm. That, Looper, is the most positive thing I will say about you. The characters were not particularly sympathetic or intelligent, there was no overarching sense of perspective, and the more hopeful narrative arc came in long after I was rocking in my seat and unable to be uplifted.

This weekend did not go as planned: I meant to go into my main job. However, I can't find my swipe card - it's probably on my desk. My manager turned out to be far out of town, and another workmate texted me back cheerfully to say, nope, she wasn't coming into town either. Aieee.

I also swung through town and visited my friends at the Steampunk convention. Not really my thing but I'm glad I indulged my curiosity - I could at least pay my friends the compliment of paying $10 to see them at their stalls. :P Very awkward conversation with one LARP-proselytiser I've bumped into a few times before. Sometimes people don't take "Yes, I'm showing general interest in your story lines but I don't.want.to.LARP," very well.

After the steampunk convention, I walked up the hill to spend a couple of hours at my other work, typing on a modern computer while surrounded with 19th-century letterpresses and drawers and drawers of original lead and wooden type. This amused me. Steampunk, I can has too. I guess.

Today had Yulechat and the vege market and meandering buses and me working remotely to finish one report for work. And a tough conversation. One of my flatmates, half of an erstwhile couple, is moving out this week and there are still things to settle - and a dinner conversation revealed that he had some assumptions Joel and I weren't aware of. I got tense.

'Confrontational' conversations alarm me a bit more than they probably should. I get this picture in my head of me saying, "Hey, this is what I'm thinking and what I want," and of the other person responding, "Well, I don't think that, and I'm not interested in what you want." And then - checkmate. Beyond logic, I hold a fear that my demands are NOT reasonable, meaning that that scenario is the only possible result; and an awareness that I have no hold over the person I am making my requests of. Well, obviously, that's life. Quite often you have to ask things of people who have no intrinsic reason to grant your requests. Even if, like the people we generally flat with, they are essentially respectful and reasonable.

Anyway, we talked to flatmate-who-is-staying and flatmate-who-is-leaving and it was amicable. And I backed down a little in my requests, out of nervousness, which I am not proud of, but we got some principles agreed on and no one got passive aggressive or nasty. And I am recording this so I remember it next time. It doesn't have to hurt.

Yuletide is my crack/food/hug/aeroplane right now. I may be a little addicted? I am trying really hard to get my two NYR fics written, because then I will be free to raise the bunnies that the prompts are giving me.

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Oh dear. Sending you hugs from my side of the city.

I'm sorry to hear (again) that you had such a strong reaction to Looper. Though it was disturbing in a lot of those ways for me, I found it contributed to the idea of a world that otherwise would be hard to suspend disbelief and look at. Also...Tom and I came to the conclusion that the entire course of events probably didn't happen after the ending. Biiiig plot hole ;)

I hope that things are ok with the erstwhile couple, after a few days have passed...If you want to talk it out, you know I'm here. :)

Happy Birthday, Yirry ^^

Thanks, hon. Do you approve now that I've ranted at DKR-length? :P

Things are okay at flat. It's not much of a talky-outy thing. Just a little glum.

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